M.A., University of North Carolina at Pembroke; M.A., University of North Dakota


Brittani Allen was born in England before moving to North Carolina a few years later. She enjoys the architecture, history, and literary elements that she encounters every time she returns to England when visiting family or traveling for research. She originally fell in love with literature while in the palace library at Blenheim as she stared at the floor to ceiling shelves as a curious child. She expanded my love for literature as she wandered around the Bodleian and visited literary landmarks around the villages and cities of England. These rich experiences coupled with the support and encouragement she continuously receives from her family resulted in her pursuing English literature as a career.

Brittani is an Instructor of Composition and Rhetoric at Methodist University. Her research interests include Victorian studies, children’s literature, and environmental literature. She has extensive experience with creating curriculum for and teaching first-year writing courses, as well as literature courses to include topics about fairy tales, animals, and science. She spends a great deal of her time researching Lewis Carroll’s Alice novels, but she also loves exploring the portrayal of language, culture, animals, and nature in other long-nineteenth century works. Brittani has a forthcoming book chapter in Oxford University Press’s Through the Looking-Glass Companion. She is ABD at the University of South Florida.