B.S.W., M.S.W., Eastern Michigan University; Ph.D., Purdue University


Dr. Gail Augustine obtained her Bachelor’s with honors from Eastern Michigan University and her Master’s degree with honors from Eastern Michigan University, in Social Work specializing in Children and Family Therapy, and her post-master’s qualifying studies at Norwich University in England. She obtained her Ph.D. in Social Work and Higher Education Leadership at Indiana University Purdue University. Dr. Gail Augustine is an SREB Scholar and her primary research foci include social psychological barriers that impede marginal and minority students in higher education, retention factors, human trafficking, and women’s health. Dr. Augustine has taught across the collegiate spectrums and to diverse populations, (e.g., PWI, HBCU, online, and Faith-based universities) at both undergraduate and graduate levels. She is a published author who has made waves in academia and is known for her ability to shift the atmosphere by fostering student engagement and resilience. Dr. Augustine taught and presented both nationally and internationally. She has authored several articles, and is currently, working on a research study that addresses validation of key retention factors for keeping underrepresented marginalized students in higher education and an instructional text on retaining minority students in higher education. Dr. Augustine’s aphorism is “All Minds Matter in the Higher Education Arena”. Dr. Augustine joined the Methodist University faculty in the fall of 2023.