B.A., M.Ed., University of North Carolina at Greensboro; Ph.D., New York University


Jennifer Broome, Ph.D., is assistant professor of Education at Methodist University. She primarily teaches Educational Psychology, Seminar in Education, and secondary methods courses. Dr. Broome’s areas of expertise include gifted education and philosophy’s role in secondary education; her most recent publications include “The Dialogic Dilemma: Pacing Guides as Objects of Analysis,” “Learning Contracts: Tips for Creating Appropriate Instruction for Gifted Students,” and “Towards a Pedagogy of Authenticity: Existential Modes of Teaching and Learning in the Secondary Classroom.” Her professional activities include writing policy papers on the Leandro implementation and reviewing licensing documents for Educator Preparation programs. Dr. Broome recently received the Hunkins article award for best scholarly article from the American Association of Teaching and Curriculum. Dr. Broome received her Ph.D. in English education from New York University. She also presented at the Methodist University B.F. Stone Lyceum in 2018.