B.S., Buena Vista University; M.S., Eastern University; M.S., Ph.D., Auburn University

Undergraduate Teaching Areas:

First Year Seminar, Intro to College Math, Finite Mathematics, College Algebra, Integrated Pre-calculus, Pre-calculus I, Pre-calculus II, Calculus I, Calculus II, Differential Equations, History of Mathematics, Modern College Geometry, Mathematics for Teachers I, and Mathematics for Teachers II

Research Interests:

Current research focus is in K-16 mathematics education. More specifically, research focus areas include future educators’ mathematical understanding and preparation; teachers’ mathematical content knowledge, understanding, and training; the development of children’s algebraic and geometric understanding, procedural versus conceptual error analysis, the use and understanding of manipulatives; STEM/Mathematical critical thinking; Calculus sequence preparation; and mathematical literacy.

In the area of pure mathematics, prior research focused on boundary value problems for ordinary differential equations and dynamic equations on time scales.