B.S., Ph.D., Indiana University


I came to Methodist University with a wide variety of lifetime experiences. I went to high school in Alice Springs, Australia and enlisted in the U.S. Navy following graduation. After trying my hand at construction, food service, and insurance sales, I landed on the academic path and haven’t looked back.

I am primarily interested in the relationship between belief and experience as influences on behavior. Early in my career I focused on the topic of alcohol use in adolescents. My experiences at Methodist University have expanded those interests into the realm of PTSD and to a focus on intervention studies surrounding binge drinking and academic performance. I have recently been addressing the topic of social media use and negative impacts that come from that.

My passion is to find new and engaging approaches to teach students about Psychology. I have used zombies, teenagers, and research projects to allow the world of Psychology to come alive for the students.

Research Interests:

Undergraduate Alcohol Use, Binge Drinking, Risky Behaviors in general, How belief affects behavior, Behavior Genetics of Alcohol Use (How biological and Environmental variables interact to cause a behavior)

Personal Interests:

Swim Coach, Soccer, Guitar, Stand Up Comedy