B.A., Northwestern College; M.A., University of North Dakota; Ph.D., State University of New York at Albany


Dr. Knudson’s teaching and research interests focus on urban and metropolitan affairs, education, political economy, and class/inequality. His current research project examines school choice, particularly middle class families who decide to remain in central cities and enroll their children in central-city public schools. Papers based on this research have been presented at meetings of the American Sociological Association, the Eastern Sociological Society, and the Association for Humanist Sociology. Another project of Knudson’s will explore gentrification in Raleigh, N.C.

Recent/Forthcoming Publications:

Paul T. Knudson. 2021. “How Institutional Context Shapes the Accounts of School Choice and Boundary-Making among Middle Class Parents in an Urban School District.” The Qualitative Report, 26 (3): 806-831.

Paul T. Knudson. 2021. “Continuing Social Constraints in Education Agency: The School Choices and Experiences of Middle Class African American Families in Albany, NY” Qualitative Sociology Review, 21(3): 150-175.

 Paul T. Knudson. 2021. “Exploring the Perspectives of Middle Class African American Parents Who Are Charter School Skeptics.” Humanity & Society. 

Paul T. Knudson. 2019.“The Perceptions of Private and Suburban Public Schools Among Middle Class Urban Parents: Evidence from Albany, New York.” American Journal of Qualitative Research, 3 (2): 23-41.

Paul T. Knudson. 2019. “Academic Privilege and Social Segmentation: The Experiences of Middle Class African American Families in Central City Public Schools: Accounts from Albany, NY.” Sociological Imagination, 55 (1) 7-22.