B.A., Coastal Carolina University; M.G.D., North Carolina State University


Tori Hord, M.G.D., is assistant professor of Graphic Design at Methodist University. She teaches in all areas and levels of Graphic Design including Typography, Design Production, Graphic Design Studio, and Senior Exhibit. Hord’s areas of expertise include typography, visual identity and branding, and new information environments for which she has received multiple ADDY awards and other recognition. During her graduate studies much of her research centered around digital correspondence and how the development of new technologies such as Virtual Reality could not only facilitate, but enrich emotional expression and connectivity in an age of digitally mediated communication. She remains very much interested in how new information environments can enhance communication, the role designers might have in shaping such experiences and what that might mean in terms of design education. Other areas of research that she is passionate about are the evolution of typography, the impacts of visual metaphor and semiotics within visual storytelling, and the future of design pedagogy. In addition to teaching, Hord also serves as a freelance designer and consultant, is a member of AIGA, the American Institute of Graphic Arts, and UCDA, University and College Designers Association. She completed her undergraduate degree in graphic design (B.A.) at Coastal Carolina University and received her Masters in Graphic Design (M.G.D.) from North Carolina State University.