Fayetteville Community Leaders Continue 60-Plus Year Tradition of Supporting MU Students

Kameesha Whitlock

A few dozen Fayetteville community leaders got together on Tuesday for a great cause. It’s a cause that has positively influenced the lives of thousands of college students over the past 60-plus years, and a few of those students shared their appreciation on Tuesday.

“Without your help, I wouldn’t be in college right now,” Methodist University senior Kobe Praylow said during the MU Loyalty Campaign Kick-Off event Tuesday. “You have helped me fulfill a dream… given me an opportunity to get a high-quality liberal arts education that I can use to pursue my career.”

This was the 67th-Annual Loyalty Campaign kick-off event that brings together community leaders from the school system, banks, non-profits, businesses of all types and sizes. MU was charted in 1956 by a group of community leaders who saw the value in a four-year, liberal-arts education here in Fayetteville, and from that day to this one, the focus at MU has been on helping to enable all students the opportunity to obtain a college education.

“I’m the first in my family to go to college,” said Kimeesha Whitlock (pictured above), a junior who is studying Nursing at MU. “Through your help with scholarships, MU has given me the opportunity to have this life-changing college experience.”

These 50-plus community leaders will lead the charge through the end of February, calling and seeking donations that will be used exclusively for scholarships at MU. As MU has an $88.5-million impact on the economy in Cumberland County each year, these gifts have a powerful impact on these students’ lives.

Ryan Kimble“None of us here would be able to call Methodist home if it weren’t for these generous gifts,” said Ryan Kimble (pictured at right), a junior studying Business Administration and a member of MU’s PGA Golf Management program. “When I got the news of the scholarship the Loyalty Campaign was able to give me, I knew then I was going to be able to chase the dream and career I truly wanted… MU has a 100% job placement rate in my program.”

With 97 percent of its students receiving financial aid, MU offers the quality of a private school education at a similar cost as the big public schools. In-coming freshmen at MU receive approximately $30,000 in aid on average, and MU offers more than $24 million in scholarships annually.

“Methodist University is a great asset to our community,” said MU Board of Trustees Chair Mac Healey, “and you (the community leader volunteers) are a great asset because of what you do to help these students.”

For the opportunity to support students through Loyalty Campaign scholarships, visit Methodist.edu/giving.