Jenkins Wins Graphic Design Award

Kerry Scott Jenkins

Kerry Scott Jenkins, associate professor of graphic design at Methodist University, recently won a design award from the Graphic Design USA American Graphic Design Awards.

Jenkins won the award for a poster created for the fourth annual Cape Fear New Music Festival, which was held April 6, hosted by the Methodist University Department of Music.

The design addressed the event’s theme of “Music, Myth, and Legend.” It features a photo of Emily Highsmith, a graphic design student at the University, with ear buds flowing through her hair to give a contemporary twist to the Greek goddess Medusa.

Monarch Press, Methodist University’s in-house printing press, produced the posters for the festival.

“When I had my own design studio, prior to teaching at Methodist, awards from design publications like this were a regular, annual thing for me as it was a way to showcase my work and promote my services to new clients,” Jenkins said. “Now, with much less time available for real projects outside of my teaching responsibilities, recognition is not as frequent. This makes each award more special.”

The award was given by Graphic Design USA, a magazine that has more than 100,000 subscribers worldwide. This year’s competition had about 10,000 entries, and only 15 percent of those were recognized with certificates. The magazine recognizes the entire creative community of design, including ad agencies, freelancers, and institutions like Methodist University.

About Kerry Scott Jenkins

Kerry Scott Jenkins received an Associate of Applied Science in Commercial Graphics from McDowell Technical Community College in 1983. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from Western Carolina University in 1985 and a Master of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design in 2006 from East Tennessee State University.

Jenkins began teaching graphic design courses at Methodist University in 2007. Prior to that, he worked at The Print Show, Arthur Anderson & Co., I.C.C.A., Computer Graphics Group, Inc., East Tennessee State University, and owned his own graphic design firm called Great Scott Design. He is a member of the American Institute of Graphic Arts, Tri-City Metro Advertising Federation, and Charlotte Society of Communicating Arts, and has won more than 15 awards for his designs.