Amy Bartlett & Holli Nelson Creagor

For the first time in Methodist University’s history, students walked across the stage as graduates from the University’s 100% online programs.

For the first time in Methodist University’s history, students walked across the stage as graduates from the University’s 100% online programs.

This weekend, the University’s 50th Winter Commencement graduated 120-plus students at Crown Coliseum. Of that number, 15 of the graduates were enrolled in the University’s fully-online programs – marking a major milestone in MU history.

Methodist University began offering six fully-online programs in the spring semester of 2021. Now, MU offers 29 programs that are entirely online – 18 undergraduate programs, four graduate programs, three minor programs, three certificate programs, and one associate program. The University is currently accepting applications for the spring of 2023 until Dec. 19.

Holli Nelson Creager & Dr. Stanley T. Wearden
Holli Nelson Creager & Dr. Stanley T. Wearden

One of the students from the University’s cohort of fully-online graduates is Holli Nelson Creager ’22, who received her bachelor degree in Sociology and Psychology on Saturday.

The mother of three from Sanford originally started at MU’s evening program in 2017. After working a full-time job most of the day, commuting for almost two hours, and taking a full evening of on-campus courses, she hardly had enough time with family. But when the University began offering fully-online courses, Nelson Creager jumped on board – a decision that changed her life for the better.

“MU’s online program helped me close the gap,” she said. “I really liked the flexibility and the adaptability an online course allows. The classes aren’t just lecture videos, a lot of them are geared toward real-life application. Originally, I didn’t think I would like online courses, but I honestly enjoyed the consistency within the programs. You know the exact deadlines and expectations for each assignment. In the long run, I wouldn’t have been able to finish my education as quickly without MU’s online options.”

Creager is considering a variety of graduate programs in Early Childhood Education or Psychology as her next move.

Criminal Justice graduate Arika Bartlett ’22 also benefitted from MU’s 100% online programs.

Amy Bartlett & Dr. Stanley T. Wearden
Amy Bartlett & Dr. Wearden

Bartlett originally started the on-campus programs while her husband was stationed at Fort Bragg. However, when her husband was assigned to a duty station in Savannah, Georgia, Bartlett had to reconsider her options. Initially, she tried attending another college, but quickly learned she missed the quality of education at Methodist University.

“The professors and material were not comparable to what I was receiving at Methodist University. Once MU’s online program was offered, I reapplied so I could still attend a college where I knew I’d get a quality education,” Bartlett said.

“I am so proud of the fact that I pushed through two military moves, the COVID-19 outbreak, and changing jobs. I’m also proud of the fact I’m the first person in my family to complete a college education. There were a lot of tough times, but I never quit.”

Bartlett and her husband are now expecting their first baby in May. In the meantime, she plans on supporting her husband while he explores higher education options.

Methodist University is proud to offer a quality, flexible education online for all students, whether a first-generation college student, military spouse, full-time worker, or parent. As mentioned before, the application deadline for the upcoming spring semester is Dec. 19. To explore our programs or apply today, visit MU’s online programs website.