Kesimy Martinez & Professor Mark Regensburger

As Methodist University inches closer to the end of its school year, the university recognizes and celebrates those who have gone above and beyond during their time at MU.

As Methodist University inches closer to the end of its school year, the university recognizes and celebrates those who have gone above and beyond during their time at MU.

This week’s Spring 2022 Awards Convocation handled that in a mighty way – honoring and celebrating dozens of students at MU’s Huff Concert Hall on Monday afternoon.

Dr. Beth Carter, Methodist University’s vice provost for Online & Extended Learning, delivered a welcome speech that commended the student body for their hard work during a difficult time.

“It’s certainly been a challenging year, especially for our students,” said Carter. “We’re so proud of them and excited to see what their futures hold. These awards are just a small piece in rewarding them for their diligent work.”

Approximately 30 awards were handed out to students, including senior Kesimy Martinez, who took home the Rebecca Woodward Wendelken History Writing Award and David G. Wilson Community Service Award.

“I don’t normally celebrate my own accomplishments, so to have another group of people do that for me is nice,” added Martinez, who will graduate in Social Work and Business Management in May. “Being able to hit pause and celebrate myself and others is a grand opportunity.”

Congratulations to the following Spring 2022 Awards Convocation winners (in order of presentation):

  • Anthony J. DeLapa Art Achievement Award: Cheyenne Sarinana
  • Willis C. Gates Music Award for Excellence in Performance: Ashley Dudley
  • Cumberland Choral Arts Award: Cameron McDonald
  • Robert S. Christian English Achievement Award: Leann Sessoms
  • George and Lillian Miller History Award: Matthew Parker
  • Rebecca Woodward Wendelken History Writing Award: Kesimy Martinez
  • Plyler Award in Humanities: Rae Stewart
  • Walter B. Clark Maximum Effort Award: Jeffrey Kolbfleisch
  • Samuel J. Clark Award in Accounting: Kaitlyn Jumalon
  • David G. Wilson Community Service Award: Kesimy Martinez
  • Ronald P. Kirchner Award in Resort Management: Edward “Trey” Samuelian
  • Coach Larry Kirchner Gold Medal Award: Daniel Magen
  • Theresa P. Clark Legal Writing Endowed Award: James Horton
  • PGA Golf Management Outstanding Senior: Jillian Drinkard & Alexander McGonagle
  • PGA Golf Management Outstanding Junior: Ingrid Steingrimsen & Jack Hoover
  • Director’s Award in Nursing: Kaitlyn Chambers
  • Outstanding Criminal Justice Graduate Award: Bertha Llamas
  • Outstanding Criminal Justice Service Award: Bertha Llamas, Kaydee Adams, & Cameron See
  • Outstanding Applied Forensic Science Graduate Award: Leah Momsen
  • Outstanding Applied Forensic Science Service Award: Olivia Benzing
  • Trevor Morris Outstanding Political Science Award: Kristen Fletcher
  • Lura S. Tally Award for Leadership Excellence: Edward “Trey” Samuelian
  • Outstanding Computer Science Student: Abigail Caddick
  • Outstanding Computer Information Technology Student: Srdjan Colakovic
  • Ott-Cooper Science Award: Sarah Garcia
  • Mendelevium Medallion: Sarah Garcia
  • Curie General Chemistry Achievement Award: Kathe Nelson & Sophia Holloman
  • Clark Memorial Science Service Award: Nerketa Damiba
  • Outstanding Engineering Service Award: Sarah Davis
  • Outstanding Engineering Graduate Award: Henry Murray
  • Balaez-Ambrose Mathematics Award: Abigail Caddick
  • Outstanding Environmental and Occupational Management Award: Austin Hargrove