MU Asks: When Is It OK to Listen to Christmas Music?

Thanksgiving is nearly here, which begs the question: When is it OK to listen to Christmas music?

Thanksgiving is nearly here, which begs the question: When is it OK to listen to Christmas music?

The controversial question brings up responses from both sides of the aisle on Methodist University’s campus. While many believe you should wait until after Thanksgiving to blast “Feliz Navidad,” “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas,” “Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town,” and others, there are quite a few Monarchs who believe earlier the better.

Christian Ellington ’26
Exercise & Sport Science

“I’d say two days after Thanksgiving.”

Nick Guerriero ’25
Doctor of Physical Therapy

“I think after Halloween to get it started early.”

Taylor Brewer
Admissions Counselor

“I think Nov. 1 seems OK.”

Corey Barr ’26
Business Management

“I’d say late October or late November. Any month except July. Christmas in July makes no sense to me. I don’t get it at all.”

Dr. Taylor Vann ’16
Director, Academic & Career Advising

“July. Christmas in July is a thing.”

Nicholas Clark ’27
Computer Information Technology with a concentration in Cybersecurity

“Personally, I was born on Christmas so I get a pass [to listen to it]. But Thanksgiving is sort of a rest stop before Christmas so I’d say just after Halloween.”

John Friedley ’25
Doctor of Physical Therapy

“It’s OK to do it whenever, but it is socially acceptable after Thanksgiving.”

Gabriela Manolias ’26
Graphic Design

“After Thanksgiving. I don’t think it’s appropriate. I don’t want to hear Mariah Carey especially since I work in fast food and we have to listen to what’s on the radio. I’m really sick of hearing her, but I love Mariah Carey though. Just after Thanksgiving.”

Hannah Hewett ’24
Kinesiology & Education

“Definitely the day after Halloween.”

Dr. Doris Munoz ’06
Assistant Provost, Student Retention & Persistence Initiatives

“The day after Thanksgiving.”

Shawn Schuessler ’24
Business Administration

“In my professional opinion as someone who lives here on this Earth, I would say it’s OK to listen to Christmas music the day after Thanksgiving.”

Rebecca King ’12
Director, Academic Support

“Not now. Around Thanksgiving, but not a day before Thanksgiving. You have to be baking pies.”

Karla Arteaga-Cuenca ’26

“I think it’s OK to listen to it after Halloween.”

EJ McGinniss ’25
Doctor of Physical Therapy

“Definitely after Thanksgiving.”