Ayoyimika Helen Oluwatayo

Name: Ayoyimika Helen Oluwatayo
Class Year: 2025
Major: Health Care Administration
Hobbies: Member of Phi Kappa Phi
Commuting Student

  1. You’ve been inducted to Phi Kappa Phi, which is an academic honor society that rewards excellence in education. What did you think when you received the invitation?
    When I got the call from my advisor, I did not think it was that big of a deal until he introduced me to the dean and said, “This is the student who received the blue envelope.” In that moment I realized, maybe I am underrating this invitation. So, I did my research on the society and realized how significant it was. It made me feel honored and noticed.
  2. Why did you choose MU?
    I was a new soldier who moved to Fort Bragg, N.C. with a goal of completing my degree. I did not know what school to attend, so I asked my fellow soldiers at work and the majority recommended MU, so I submitted my application to MU and was accepted.
  3. Health care is a wonderful and growing field but fill in this blank. I chose Health Care Admin because…
    The U.S. health care system needs change, especially the financial and managerial sector of the health care system, and I want to be among the team that brings that change.
  4. What is something you learned that surprised you about health care?
    I am still learning about the health care system and there are numerous surprising things because of how broad the system is, but something I have learned that was quite shocking is the fee-for-service payment method. This is when providers are paid based on the number of patients they treat. This may make them focus on quantity rather than quality.
  5. What do you like to do on campus when you’re not studying or in class?
    One thing I utilize often is the track around the football field.
  6. What has been your favorite student MU event to attend?
    Pangea. It is an event organized by the African Student Organization.
  7. What’s special about MU professors?
    They are there for the students. And that is true in every sense of the word because I have never called my advisor for help and gotten his voicemail before. Many of the professors reply within 24 hours and are willing to help students in class. They try their best to make sure you actually understand the information being put out.
  8. What’s special about the MU students/community?
    MU is a small environment compared to some other universities I have seen, but it makes the community a very friendly and sociable one.