Doctor of Occupational Therapy Program Tuition & Fees

OTD 2019-20

Anticipated Direct Total Costs*

1st Year Tuition: $33,870 ($11,290/semester)

1st Year Lab Fees: $1,386 ($462/semester)

1st Year Professional Fees: $1,386 ($462/semester)

1st Year Tuition and Fees: $36,642

Total estimated cost for degree completion: $109,926 ($12,214/semester for 9 semesters)

Institutional Fees*

OT Student Activity Fee: $92/semester

Graduation fee (charged in final semester): $150

Vehicle registration fee: $45/annually

Indirect Costs

Estimated OTD Program Indirect Costs (updated Feb. 2020)

* Tuition and fees are subject to change