Tuition & Fees

Financial Aid Infographic


Financial Aid Net Price Calculator

Tuition (Day)$34,148
Average Traditional Room*$6,539
Meals (compare plans here)$6,426
Student Activity Fee & Residential Hall Dues$500
Estimated NC Sales Tax on Meals (varies per meal plan)$474
Total (Resident Student)**$48,087
Total (Commuting Student)**$34,522
The above fees are for two semesters (one year).

Evening/Weekend/Summer Classes$395/s.h.
Online Classes (Evening, Summer, and Part-time Students)$501/s.h.
Evening/Weekend/Summer/Online Classes (active duty military rate)***$250/s.h.
* Room charges vary depending on residence hall assignment
** Fees represent estimated charges. Does not include fees for golf, tennis, music, directed studies, books, or residence hall damage deposit
*** Rate applies to active duty personnel only, not dependents