About the Faculty Senate

The Faculty Senate of Methodist University is recognized as an officially sanctioned body within the governance structure of the University. The Faculty Senate embodies the principles of shared governance and is guided by the collective will and expertise of the Faculty. The Senate empowers the Faculty to provide authoritative communication and collaboration with the President, the Provost, and other academic officers of the University regarding policies and practices pertaining to academic standards, academic excellence, and the professional responsibilities of the Faculty. The Faculty Senate is the principal body for deliberations, formulations, and recommendations concerning the curriculum and academic policy at the University as a means of enhancing the education of all Methodist University students.

The values guiding the Faculty Senate include transparency, collaboration, accountability, ethical behavior, leadership, voice, representation, candor, and honesty. The Senate also values the University’s mission and vision. Collectively these values are to guide all Senators.

Senate Executive Committee

Chair: Mark Regensberger
Vice Chair: Cameron Dodworth
Secretary: Cecilia Ducloz
College Representative: Meghan Hennessey
At-Large Representative: Jennifer Taft


College of Arts, Humanities & Sciences

Cameron Dodworth, English
Meghan Hennessey, Biology
Patrick O’Neil, History
Elisabeth Simpson, Psychology
Kelly Walter Carney, English

College of Business, Technology & Professional Studies

Cecilia Ducloz, Mathematics
Robert Gmeiner, Reeves School of Business
Gena Johnson, Reeves School of Business
Mark Regensburger, Reeves School of Business
Jie Zhou, Mathematics

College of Health Sciences & Human Services

Cheryl Dodson, Nursing
Matt Foreman, Occupational Therapy
Tom Johnston, Nursing
Melisa Martin, Health Care Administration
Shannon Matthews, Nursing

Faculty At-Large

Denise Bauer, Engineering
Dan Bennett, Mathematics
Matt Dobra, Reeves School of Business
Mary Kirchner, Reeves School of Business
Kyrstin Krist, Kinesiology
Jennifer Taft, Davis Memorial Library