Directed by Dr. Daniel McCloud
Rehearses: Monday 4:30-6:00 p.m.

The primary purpose of this organization is threefold: to support the Methodist University athletic sporting events by heightening the competitive atmosphere through entertaining music performances and an infectious display of school spirit, to reach the community by serving as ambassadors of the university in and out of uniform, and to recruit for the university and Music Department. The Athletic Band offers its students the opportunity to develop life skills through teamwork and leadership…on campus and beyond. As one of the most visible performing groups on the MU campus, maintaining a high level of performance is of paramount importance. There are no auditions necessary to join the Athletic Band; we welcome all students to participate regardless of their intended area of study. This is a fall/mid-spring ensemble.


Participation scholarships are available to all students (regardless of major) who wish to play in one or more MU Athletic Band. Students will be granted up to $1,500.00 scholarship for the year, regardless of major.