College of Arts, Humanities & Sciences

Dr. Scott Marosek works with a student in the Piano Lab

The College of Arts, Humanities & Sciences seeks to develop critical thinkers who are conversant with the liberal arts tradition, respectful of diversity, morally and intellectually responsible, curious, and poised to contribute substantially in their careers and communities.

The College of Arts, Humanities & Sciences includes the following disciplines: art, biology, chemistry, communication, criminal justice, digital forensics & cybersecurity, English, foreign languages, forensic science, geology, global studies, history, leadership studies, legal studies, music, philosophy, physics, political science, psychology, religion, ROTC, sociology, theater, women’s studies.

College Dean, Division & Department Chairs

Dean: Dr. J. R. Hustwit

  • Division of Fine and Performing Arts
    Chair: Dr. Susan Durham-Lozaw
  • Division of Natural Sciences
    Chair: Dr. Stephanie Hooper Marosek
  • Department of Communication
    Chair: Dr. Kevin Swift
  • Department of Criminal Justice
    Chair: Dr. Eric See
  • Department of English, Language, Literature & Culture
    Chair: Dr. Emily Leverett
  • Department of History
    Chair: Dr. Patrick O’Neil
  • Department of Military Science/ROTC
    Chair: TBD
  • Department of Philosophy & Religion
    Chair: Dr. Kevin Hoffman
  • Department of Political Science
    Chair: Dr. Andrew Ziegler
  • Department of Psychology & Sociology
    Chair: Dr. Mark Kline

College of Arts, Humanities & Sciences Programs