Canvas is a web-based learning management software (LMS) used by instructors to build and manage their online classes. Canvas can be accessed from Current Students in the For You menu, found at the top right of the Methodist University Web site or on the left side of the myMU Portal. It may also be directly accessed at

Logging in to Canvas

Each Methodist University student is assigned an email address and a student ID number. You will need both of these things to log into Canvas.

Your Canvas credentials are the same as those you use to log onto your Methodist University Email account and the same as those you use to log onto the campus network (e.g., campus computers). Canvas utilizes Shibboleth, a single sign-on technology that allows you to use the same credentials for these systems. Note: Your myMU Portal password is a separate set of credentials for security reasons.

  • Your Canvas username is the same as your email username, which is everything to the left of the @ symbol in your MU email address. So, if your email is, your username for Blackboard is jstudent22.
  • Your Canvas password utilizes your student ID number. If your student ID number is 123456, then your default password for Canvas is Mu!123456. Please note that this is case sensitive, so use upper and lower case letters as indicated.