On behalf of the Methodist University Physician Assistant (PA), Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT), and Doctor of Occupational Therapy (OTD) Programs we would like to welcome you to the inaugural “Health Professions Seminar.” This seminar is designed to help prospective PA, DPT, and OTD students navigate their way through the graduate school admissions process and health professions program. With the help of current faculty, admissions staff, and students, we hope to provide you with a realistic understanding of each profession, what it takes to gain admission to your prospective program, and what it takes to make a successful PA, PT, or OT student.

This is a free event and open to students from disadvantaged backgrounds* and underrepresented minority students. Lunch will be provided. Scroll below to register.

*Criteria for Socioeconomic Disadvantages

Answering ‘yes’ to any of these statements means you qualify.

Economic Indicators:

  • Your parent’s family income qualifies as low-income.

Environmental Indicators:

  • I graduated from a high school from which a low percentage of seniors received a high school diploma.
  • I graduated from a high school at which many of the enrolled students are eligible for free or reduced price lunches.
  • I am from a family that receives public assistance (e.g., Aid to Families with Dependent Children, food stamps, Medicaid, public housing).
  • I am from a family that lives in an area that is designated as a Health Professional Shortage Area, or a Medically Underserved Area.
  • I participated in an academic enrichment program funded in whole or in part by the Health Careers Opportunity Program
  • I am a high-school drop-out who received AHS diploma or GED or I am receiving public assistance.
  • I am from a school district where 50% or less of graduates go to college or where college education is not encouraged.
  • I am the first generation in my family to attend college(neither my mother nor my father attended college).
  • English is not my primary language.


Registration for the Jan. 27, 2024 Health Professions Seminar is closed and no longer accepting registrations as of Jan. 24.

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