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European Studies

Degree Type:
Undergraduate/Post-Bacc Certificate
Mode of Study:
On Campus

With the European Studies program at Methodist University, you’ll be able to dive into, understand, and think critically about the top historical moments in European history and how it impacts the world today.

Certificate Requirements (12 credits)

Any 2 or more classes (6-12 credits) from:

  • HIS 2160 History of Science (3 credits)
  • HIS 3110 Ancient History (3 credits)
  • HIS 3120 Medieval History (3 credits)
  • HIS 3130 Renaissance and Reformation Europe (3 credits)
  • HIS 3160 The Age of Crusades (3 credits)
  • HIS 3170 The Middle Ages on Film (3 credits)
  • HIS 3220 Early Modern History (3 credits)
  • HIS 3250 Modern History (3 credits)
  • HIS 3810 Topics in European Social and Cultural History (3 credits)
  • HIS 4110 Modern Russia (3 credits)

Up to 2 classes (0-6 credits) from:

  • AGD 2040 History of Graphic Design (3 credits)
  • ARH 3530 Renaissance and Baroque Art History and Theory (3 credits)
  • ARH 3540 19th and 20th Century Art History and Theory (3 credits)
  • ENG 3730 Literature of Medieval England (3 credits)
  • ENG 3740 Literature of Shakespeare (3 credits)
  • ENG 3920 Victorian Literature (3 credits)
  • MUS 1510 Survey of Music (3 credits)
  • SPA 3100 Civilization and Culture of Spain (3 credits)
  • SPA 4110 Survey of Literature of Spain I (3 credits)
  • SPA 4120 Survey of Literature of Spain II (3 credits)
  • SPA 4150 Spanish Literature: Cervantes (3 credits)

Interested in Methodist University’s European Studies certificate?

If you have questions, reach out to Dr. Patrick O'Neil at his contact info at the bottom of the page. If you’re ready to apply today, visit the link below!

Average Tuition Cost

The average cost for an incoming residential freshman to attend MU is less than $18,000 – similar to the cost of attending one of the big-box public schools, but with the enhanced value of a highly-regarded private school with a 12:1 student-to-faculty ratio.

While tuition varies, depending on a student’s financial aid package, it’s important to know that the average financial award for an incoming residential freshman at MU is more than $34,000.

Financial Aid & Scholarships

More than 97% of MU students receive some form of financial aid, with the University offering more than $24 million annually to students for scholarships. If a student is active military, family of active military, or a veteran, they may also qualify for MU’s military education benefits.


Patrick O’Neil, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of History; Co-Director, Women's Studies; Coordinator, Social Studies Education
Patrick O'Neil