Criminal Justice student during mock trial

Criminal Justice Curriculum

Major Requirements

The Criminal Justice major consists of 54 credits distributed as follows:

Required Foundational Courses

9 credits

PSC 1510 American Government (3) SOC 1510 Principles of Sociology (3)
PSY 1010 General Psychology (3)  

Required Major Courses

33 credits

*JUS 2200 Applied Statistics (3) JUS 3320 Research Methods (3)
JUS 2410 Introduction to Criminal Justice (3) JUS 3900 Victimology (3)
JUS 3090 Criminology (3) JUS 4200 Ethical Foundations of Criminal Justice (3)
JUS 3100 Law and the Legal System (3) JUS 4500 Seminar in Criminal Justice (3)
JUS 3200 The Correctional Process (3) **JUS4700 Internship (3)
JUS3300 Police in an Urban Society (3)  

*MAT 2200, PSY 2500 or SOC 2200 may be substituted in place of JUS 2200.

**A 3000-4000 level JUS or LAW course may be substituted with permission of the Division Head.


Select four courses (12 credit hours) from any course with a JUS prefix or any 3000-level Legal Studies course (LAW prefix) not already required for the major.

All students must receive a grade of C (2.0) or higher in core and elective courses taken in the Criminal Justice major.

Students pursuing a major in Criminal Justice and a minor in Legal Studies are only required to complete one internship. Students choosing this option must have the internship approved not only by the department chair, but also by the Director of Legal Studies.

Minor & A.A. Subject Concentration Requirements

The Criminal Justice minor and Associate of Arts concentration consist of 18 credits distributed as follows:

Required Courses

6 credits

JUS 2410 Introduction to Criminal Justice (3) JUS 3090 Criminology (3)


Select four courses (12 credits) from any course with a JUS prefix.