Social Work student at a field placement

About the Social Work Profession

Professional social work at the baccalaureate level is designed to prepare individuals with the knowledge, values and skills for entry-level generalist practice with individuals, families and groups, organizations and communities. The Program seeks to prepare graduates who are committed to social and economic justice for all people, particularly those who are oppressed and at-risk. In addition the Program prepares you to work with diverse populations in a variety of settings. To fulfill these goals, the Program offers a carefully designed curriculum that includes an internship in a social work agency under the supervision of an experienced practitioner.

Professional social work education is offered at the baccalaureate level, the master’s and doctoral degree levels. Our Program offers the Bachelor of Social Work Degree (BSW). Graduates of our Program may be accepted into Master of Social Work (MSW) programs with advanced standing. Advanced standing students are individuals who have graduated from accredited Bachelor of Social Work Programs, and upon acceptance to an accredited master’s social work program, will spend less time completing their degree.

Social work is a profession that will continue to offer numerous employment opportunities in the years ahead. It is a profession that will allow you to help others, to create the kind of world in which we all wish to live, and to find great personal satisfaction. It is also one that is flexible and offers job opportunities for full-time and part-time employment in a wide variety of settings around the country and abroad. It is a profession of which you can be proud.

Generalist Social Work Practices

Generalist Social Work practitioners possess a broad range of knowledge, critical thinking, and culturally sensitive practice skills based on ecosystems theory and the strengths perspective. They assume a variety of social work roles from one field of practice to another. They are committed to professional values and ethical practice standards based on principles of human rights and social justice, particularly concerning populations at risk. Generalist social work practice consists of assisting individuals, families, groups, and larger systems to work on change which promotes the best possible relationship between people and their environment. Generalist social workers intervene with organizations to enhance the responsiveness of resource systems, advocate for social policies to ensure the equitable distribution of resources, research aspects of social work practice, and integrate direct practice with social policy.

NASW Code of Ethics