Major Requirements

The Sociology major consists of 36 credits distributed as follows:

Required Sociology Courses

Core Courses (12 credits)

SOC 1510 Principles of Sociology (3) SOC 3320 Methods of Social Research (3)
SOC 2530 Global Social Problems (3) SOC 4500 Research Seminar (3)

Select one course (3 credits) from SOC 4200 or SOC 4310

SOC 4200 Contemporary Sociological Theory (3) SOC 4310 Classical Sociological Theory (3)

Select one Statistics course (3 credits) from the following list:

BUS/ECO 2160 Statistics for Business and Economics (3) PSY 2500 Statistics for Psychology (3)
MAT 2200 Applied Statistics (3) SOC 2200 Applied Statistics (3)


Select six courses (18 credits) of Sociology electives.

Note: Both HIS 2170 Race, Ethnicity, and Global Perspective and HIS 3820 History and Gender may be used to fulfill the Sociology elective requirement.

All students must receive a final grade of C or better in all required courses for the Sociology major.

Minor & Associate of Arts Concentration Requirements

18 credits

SOC 1510 Principles of Sociology (3) and an additional 15 credit hours of SOC courses.