Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)

Thomas McLean Health Sciences Building

The 2021/2022 admissions cycle is now closed. The 2022/2023 admissions cycle to enroll in Fall 2023 will open on June 15, 2022. Please note that the GRE will NOT be required for the 2022/2023 admissions cycle.

Dr. Stacia HallWelcome to the Methodist University (MU) Department of Physical Therapy. Physical Therapy is an exciting and rewarding profession that offers numerous opportunities in clinical practice, education, research, administration and professional service. Choosing our Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) Program reflects your commitment to caring for others whilst meeting the ever-changing demands and rising challenges in health care delivery.

Physical Therapists are recognized as having a robust appreciation of movement science and take active roles in educating and collaborating with patients, families, and health care providers for wellness and prevention, fitness, and rehabilitation. In addition to being able to evaluate and treat the human movement system, Physical Therapists are competent in the art of interpersonal communication, have a keen understanding of the health care system, along with adept educational and leadership capabilities. MU DPT faculty offer a valued educational experience to develop DPT health care practitioners that are prepared for today’s vital role in health care and the future. MU’s mission to “Engage, Enrich, and Empower” is embedded and reflected in our DPT Program and the character of our graduates.

Engage: The MU DPT program engages you in learning, teaching and scholarship to enhance human movement. The educational experience engages students through a low student to faculty ratio, delivering mentoring throughout the curriculum, providing state-of-the-art facilities, and retaining dedicated faculty that truly enjoy teaching.

Enrich: The MU DPT faculty enrich students’ learning experiences through patient-centered and interprofessional experiences, facilitating efficacious clinical reasoning, assuring compassionate and reflective practice through research and service-learning projects, and modeling evidence-based decision making in the classroom and clinic.

Empower: The MU DPT students are empowered servant-leaders poised to shape the profession. Our curriculum prepares graduates to utilize a holistic approach to advance society’s health and human experiences.

On behalf of the faculty, we welcome you to learn more about MU DPT. We look forward to helping you achieve your professional goals.

Stacia Hall Thompson, PT, DPT
Associate Professor and Interim Director
Doctor of Physical Therapy Program

Program Overview

The program was started in August 2013 and formally approved by the University in February 2014. The DPT program has received Accreditation by the Commission on Accreditation of Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE), which is required for licensure (for more information, see Accreditation). The program welcomed the first cohort of students in the Fall of 2015.

  • Program Length: 3 years (33 months)
  • Semesters: 8
  • Didactic Credits: 92
  • Clinical Credits: 19
  • Clinical Rotations: 38 weeks
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Contact the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program

Phone: (910) 480-8493