Read what program alumni have to say about their experiences with the Methodist University Doctor of Physical Therapy Program and how they are succeeding now in their careers.

“Receiving my education from the Methodist Doctor of Physical Therapy program has been nothing short of a wonderful experience. The faculty and staff did an excellent job in always creating a positive environment to cultivate fundamental knowledge and skills related to physical therapy. When I needed more clarity, access to all faculty members was an invaluable experience that made me feel supported and understood. Attending Methodist DPT has given me the ability to achieve my lifelong dream. I will forever be thankful for this program and the many therapists who have endowed my skills as a clinician.”

Mariah Adams, DPT Class of 2024

Mariah Adams
“My experience at Methodist DPT has exceeded all my expectations. From the initial interview, I knew MU was a great place! It was unique compared to other programs I interviewed with, and the process showed me that they really cared about me and who I was as a person, not just the PT I would be. The faculty, from full-time to adjunct, are all specialists in their content areas, which has provided me with a thorough knowledge base and confidence in my learning. A highlight for me was the immersive and thorough lab experiences. In my opinion, the program focuses on manual treatment, and as a kinesthetic and visual learner, the lab experiences have given me so much confidence to go into my clinical rotations. I feel they have allowed me to excel in my patient care experiences and given me a great advantage. Choosing Methodist DPT was, without a doubt, the best choice for me!”

Garrison P. Cherry, DPT Class of 2021

Garrison Cherry
“Being a DPT student at Methodist University has been an extremely unique experience for me. Being a native of Fayetteville, I knew the Methodist DPT program was the right fit for me since it was my home. My enrollment at the ideal institution was further validated after the interview procedure. I’m confident that Methodist has helped me reach new intellectual heights and challenges that will improve my performance as a physical therapist in the future. I adore how the curriculum places a strong emphasis on practical labs that enable students to apply the concepts and ideas not just to memorization but to real-world situations and potential employment. Ultimately, having graduated from an HBCU, I am fortunate to have individuals in my cohort with whom I can identify, which enhances my entire Methodist experience.”

Brianna Crosby, DPT Class of 2026

Brianna Crosby
“With moving across the country, the teachers welcomed me warmly and were very helpful, even outside of class. The curriculum covered everything, leaving me feeling confident and well-prepared. I love how they’re there for us, supporting new clubs and event ideas, showing they care beyond the class and into the community.”

Kayla Harry, DPT Class of 2024

Kayla Harry
“This program is a special chance for you to reach your goals with support from the Methodist family. From my own experience, everyone at MUDPT has been incredibly supportive, helping me succeed.”

Brandon Joseph, Class of 2026

Brandon Joseph
“Attending Methodist University’s DPT program has been the best decision for my future as a healthcare professional.  Between the faculty and staff who are very knowledgeable and willing to help you succeed, to a small class size that allows for you to create strong relationships, I am very grateful for these past 3 years.”

Brittany Matsinger, Class of 2024

Brittany Matsinger
“My experience in the Methodist University Doctor of Physical Therapy program was outstanding. The faculty and clinicians on staff went above and beyond to enhance my learning opportunities and prepare me for clinical practice. The program felt like a family from the moment I arrived on campus. I continue interacting with many of my co-students and colleagues I grew alongside while studying at Methodist University. I really appreciated the wide variety of clinical rotations, which helped immensely diversify my skill set. I can honestly say that I grew as a person and a young clinician while at Methodist University, and I am forever thankful for the invaluable experience!”

Andrew McAbee, DPT Class of 2020

Andrew McAbee
“Attending the DPT program at Methodist University has been the greatest decision to further my professional career. From the minute I stepped onto campus, the faculty and staff created a welcoming environment with a clear goal of creating the best physical therapists possible. This was done through extensive knowledge, clear communication and expectations, and the willingness to go above and beyond to create an environment conducive to learning. This program has given me invaluable opportunities to create the foundation for my professional career. I cannot recommend the DPT program at Methodist University enough.”

Kade McFall, DPT Class of 2024

Kade McFall
“MUPT is an exceptional program that prepares you for success in board examinations and practical clinical scenarios. They have an extensive network that connects past students like myself with well-renowned clinics. More than just an educational institution, MUPT cultivates a community spirit. It’s like a family that provides unwavering support. The rigors of PT school are intense, but the encouragement from faculty and the program itself propelled me past perceived limits. I am grateful to MUPT for everything it has contributed to my growth and its ongoing support as an alumnus.”

Joey Yip, DPT Class of 2022

Joey Yip