“My experience at Methodist DPT has exceeded all my expectations. From the initial interview I knew MU was a great place! It was very unique compared to other programs I interviewed with and the process showed me that they really cared about me and who I was as a person and not just the PT I would be. The faculty, from full-time to adjunct, are all specialists in their content areas which has provided me with a thorough knowledge base and confidence in my learning. A highlight for me was the immersive and thorough lab experiences. In my opinion, the program puts a big focus on manual treatment and as a kinesthetic and visual learner, the lab experiences have given me so much confidence going into my clinical rotations. I feel they have allowed me to excel in my patient care experiences and given me a great advantage. Choosing Methodist DPT was without a doubt the best choice for me!”

Garrison P. Cherry, DPT Class of 2021

“My experience in the Methodist University Doctor of Physical Therapy program was outstanding. The faculty and clinicians on staff went above and beyond to enhance my learning opportunities and prepare me for clinical practice. The program felt like a family from the moment I arrived on campus, and I continue to interact with many of my co-students and colleagues that I grew alongside of while studying at Methodist University. I really appreciated the wide variety of clinical rotations which helped diversify my skillset immensely. I can honestly say that I grew as a person and a young clinician during my time at Methodist University, and I am forever thankful for the invaluable experience!”

Andrew McAbee, DPT Class of 2020

“When I was looking at applying to PT programs, I came across a new program that was just starting out. My PT mentor said ‘Don’t be nervous, apply, see what happens’. Best advice I ever received. I went for the interview at Methodist and fell in love with the faculty’s energy, excitement for a new beginning, and their commitment to the program. You could just tell the faculty wanted nothing else but for the students to succeed, which in turn made the program succeed. The MU DPT program gave me the opportunity to be what I wanted to be, and I could not be more thankful for that.”

Alyssa Thomas, DPT Class of 2018