McLean Health Sciences Building

Doctor of Physical Therapy Program Facilities

Thomas R. McLean Health Sciences Building

The new Thomas R. McLean Health Sciences Building, is a 38,800 sq. ft. facility that houses the Doctor of Physical Therapy and Doctor of Occupational Therapy programs and three undergraduate programs (Athletic Training, Health Care Administration, and Kinesiology). The building is located in proximity to the existing health sciences facilities (the buildings of the University’s Physician Assistant Program and Nursing Program) and serves as an important “gateway” to the Methodist University campus main entry. The two-story glass entrance faces Ramsey Street to welcome students, faculty, guests, and alumni to the campus.

The Thomas R. McLean Health Sciences Building was designed with the intention of providing innovative, collaborative, and inviting learning spaces to meet the needs of all of the health science programs housed in the facility. In addition to the educational and community areas designed to facilitate interdisciplinary interaction across the health sciences programs; the DPT Program has designated classrooms, laboratories, and office space in the building.

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The Motion Analysis Laboratory

This laboratory space is a state-of-the-art facility dedicated to the collection, analysis, and interpretation of data related to motor control and biomechanical analysis of human movement. The laboratory space has been designed to support a broad range of clinical and research projects to support the faculty and students in the DPT program. The lab offers comprehensive analysis of upper extremity, lower extremity, head, and trunk motions; including kinematics, kinetics and EMG analysis. The lab is equipped with a 14 camera Vicon Bonita 10 system with the Motion Monitor real-time Vicon plug-in, 8-channel Delsys Trigno wireless EMG system, and 4 Bertec non-conductive forceplates. In addition to this stationary base station, the lab is also equipped with a mobile base station that features a 12 sensor Polhemus G-4 electromagnetic system to allow analysis of human motion on the on the athletic field or another offsite location.

The Human Performance Laboratory

The Human Performance Laboratory (HPL) provides the faculty, students, and local community with the benefits of state-of–the-art research and education testing facilities for the purpose of promoting health, fitness, and improved functional performance. The HPL is equipped to facilitate education and research pertaining to cardiovascular, metabolic, muscular, and respiratory system responses to exercise and adaptations to exercise training. Equipment available for use in the HPL includes: SwimEx Aquatic Therapy Pool with V-Groove Treadmill, Quark CPET Metabolic Testing System, Quark C12x 12-lead ECG, COSMED Ergobike Ergometer, Trackmater Treadmill, BodPod™ whole body plethysmograph, Biodex System 4 Pro Orthopaedic Testing and Rehabilitation System, Biodex Balance System, heart rate monitors, Nonin pulse oximeters, and a handheld dynamometer.

In addition to these two laboratory spaces, the Thomas R. McLean Health Sciences Building houses the following educational and research spaces:

  • Motor Control and Pediatrics Laboratory
  • Mobility Courtyard
  • Activities of Daily Living Laboratory
  • Clinical Skills Lab
  • AT/PT Clinical Space
  • Classrooms