Read what current students have to say about their experiences with the Methodist University Doctor of Physical Therapy Program and how they are gaining skills necessary to become practicing physical therapists.

“Attending PT school was always my dream, and MU DPT has surpassed all expectations that I had of graduate school. MUDPT has given me countless opportunities to further my knowledge and skills as a Student Physical Therapist. After only two semesters, I am confident that the professors and staff would go the extra mile for all students to ensure student success. Choosing MUDPT was a decision that I will always be grateful for as it has given me the best of friends, challenged me to grow personally and academically, and provided me with everything that I need to become a successful PT.”

Mattie Key, Class of 2026

Mattie Key
“Methodist University’s Doctoral of Physical Therapy program has taught me great things and prepared me for excellence while on my journey to becoming a DPT. This program has done a great job of providing a safe and comfortable space for students and minorities. The faculty and staff were always available. They enhanced my learning capabilities with different learning opportunities and experiences. I have grown as a person, a student, and a future clinician within this program. I am forever grateful and proud to be a part of this wonderful family here at Methodist University’s DPT program.”

Dominique Bush, Class of 2025

Dominique Bush
“I chose MU DPT because of its familial comfort. While the program is challenging, the professors, your classmates, and all faculty/staff will make sure you’re successful and help in any way they can.”

Michaela Lowe, Class of 2025

Michaela Lowe
“I chose to attend Methodist University’s DPT Program because of its close proximity to the US Army base in Fort Liberty. The kind and caring faculty are truly what make this program so outstanding. I have learned so much during my time in this program and have made valuable connections that will serve me well as I begin my PT career. Choosing to come to Methodist University has truly changed the trajectory of my life and my career for the better. I am so thankful to all of the faculty and staff that go to great lengths to ensure my success academically and personally.”

Hollie Pagone, Class of 2025

Hollie Pagone
“Methodist’s DPT program has been an overall great experience so far. MU challenges us to always be the best version of ourselves both as professionals and individuals. I am excited to continue my journey here over the next two years!”

Caroline Crockett, Class of 2026

Caroline Crockett
“Choosing the Methodist University Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program has undoubtedly been the best decision I have ever made.  Right from my interview, I was greeted with kindness and encouragement from the staff members, setting the tone for the supportive environment here. The strong connections between staff and students create a sense of family that is truly special. What sets this program apart is its commitment to hands-on learning, which has thoroughly prepared me for my upcoming clinical rotation. I am incredibly proud to be a part of this program and grateful for the opportunities it has provided me to grow both personally and professionally.”

Sara Flynn, Class of 2026

Sarah Flynn
“Being a DPT student at Methodist University has been an extremely unique experience for me. Being a native of Fayetteville, I knew the Methodist DPT program was the right fit for me since it was my home. My enrollment at the ideal institution was further validated after the interview procedure. I’m confident that Methodist has helped me reach new intellectual heights and challenges that will improve my performance as a physical therapist in the future. I adore how the curriculum places a strong emphasis on practical labs that enable students to apply the concepts and ideas not just to memorization but to real-world situations and potential employment. Ultimately, having graduated from an HBCU, I am fortunate to have individuals in my cohort with whom I can identify, which enhances my entire Methodist experience.”

Brianna Crosby, Class of 2026

“As a student in the Methodist University Doctor of Physical Therapy program, I have been continually impressed by our faculty’s depth of knowledge and expertise. From day one, they have provided unwavering support and guidance, fostering an environment where curiosity is encouraged and questions are welcomed. One of the highlights of my experience has been the opportunity to work closely with patients under the supervision of experienced clinicians throughout the program! Beyond the academic and clinical aspects, the sense of community within the program is truly remarkable. Whether it’s collaborating on group projects, participating in extracurricular activities, or simply supporting each other through the challenges of graduate school, I have found a network of peers and mentors who share my passion for helping others!”

Alicia Freeman, Class of 2025

Alicia Freeman