Methodist University is honored to have been selected by philanthropist Shelby M.C. Davis as one of the institutions offering the Davis UWC Scholars program. This program enables UWC graduates from around the world to receive scholarships funded jointly by the Davis Foundation and Methodist University.

Methodist University offers a safe and warm environment where you can achieve success and reach your academic goals. A uniquely dedicated Global Education Office staff provides support and is readily available to assist you throughout the whole process from first contact to graduation. The college environment at Methodist University, its small classes, involved staff and faculty, and personal attention enable the UWC graduate to continue his or her growth in the qualities imbued by the UWC experience.

The MUUWC scholarship covers the full cost of attendance including taxes, a $3,500 one-time grant, and student employment opportunities (potentially earn up to $7,000 per year). We offer to make your educational cost free while making you financially independent for your four years in college!

Contact Us

Contact a current UWC Davis Scholar on our campus or contact the Global Education Office by email or phone: | Whatsapp- +1 910-303-5905

Admissions Requirements

  • In order to apply as a Davis Scholar, you must be scheduled to graduate/or have graduated from any United World College.
  • Submit the free Common App for admission.
  • Request your counselor to send your high school transcripts (IB1 and IB2)
  • Provide a copy of your passport.
  • We reserve the right to request further evidence such as letters of recommendations, personal essay, interview etc.

Do not send documents directly via e-mail. Instead, please request a secure link from


At Methodist University,  you are eligible for a scholarship package of $220,000 from the UWC@MU Scholarship and the Davis UWC Program Scholarship for up to four years! Scholarships are selected based on a combination of academic records, financial need, community/school leadership and involvement. You do not need a separate application for a  scholarship.

What Is Included

The combined scholarships were calculated based on the average costs of attendance: standard tuition package, standard room and board, activity fees, required federal and state income taxes on scholarship (up to $2,900), books (up to $800) and medical insurance (approximately $1,044) per academic year.

  • You are eligible to participate in on-campus employment through the University’s Work Program
  • You are responsible for paying any excess on books, insurance, taxes, tuition, and room and board during breaks
  • In addition, you are eligible for a one time Arrival Scholarship of $ 2,500 and Technology Grant of $1,000.

Semester at Sea for Davis Scholars

Semester at Sea’s passenger ship brings together college students with learners at all stages of life to study with world-renowned professors in a shipboard classroom setting and in countries around the globe. With the ship as your home, you’ll find adventure, community, and life-changing experiences everywhere you go. This program provides full scholarships and financial aid for Davis UWC Scholars. Pursuing this program will not jeopardize your MU scholarship package.