Student Government Association LogoThe Student Government Association (SGA) is the voice of the students at Methodist. The Student Government Association has an Executive Board of six student leaders, and a student senate of 22 senators. Senators are elected each Fall and serve a vital role in the SGA. Senators work on initiatives from safety, student engagement, facility updates and more.
Students who are interested in learning more about the Student Government Association are invited to visit the SGA office located inside the Campus Engagement Office in Berns Student Center or email an executive board member with any questions.


The purpose of SGA is to serve as elected leaders who uphold the privileges, rights, and responsibilities of the student body, while governing serving as a liaison between the student body and admin at Methodist University.


We strive to create a campus of engaged students who are empowered to take initiative in enriching their MU Journey.



Alysia Magras, M.S.

Director, Campus Engagement
Alysia Magras