Our Mission

In the spirit of Methodist University’s mission, the Methodist University Collegiate Recovery Program is committed to respecting diversity and recognizing the dignity and worth of all human beings. The Collegiate Recovery Program embraces the ethical principles of truth, virtue, justice, and love. The Program seeks to support the wellness of whole persons, by providing both recovery support services and opportunities for social engagement that supports people in recovery and promotes their wellbeing. Therefore, the Collegiate Recovery Program provides a variety of recovery pathways, to meet people where they are, and provide the support that they need.

Our Vision

Our vision is based on the belief that students should be able to pursue their educational goals while simultaneously staying focused on their own unique recovery needs. Each person’s journey is different, and our Collegiate Recovery Program seeks to cultivate an inclusive recovery community that supports each individual along their own unique journey, free from judgement and stigma.

Our Goals

The goals of this multi-campus CRP are to:

  • Develop and implement two new comprehensive collegiate recovery programs in Fayetteville.
  • Provide alcohol/drug-free social activities and recovery support services for more than 1,200 students on both campuses.
  • Train institution leadership on the importance of supporting the recovery of students.
  • Provide access to drug/alcohol free places and locations for students to live, study, and socialize.
  • Evaluate the impact of collegiate recovery programming on student performance.

These goals will be achieved by:

  • Providing a variety of ongoing mutual aid and recovery pathway support groups.
  • Providing a dedicated space for students in recovery to gather and receive support.
  • Promoting institutional acceptance and support of the CRP.
  • Connecting students to supportive staff, counselors, and student leaders.
  • Offering access to supportive peers, Peer Support Specialist, and recovery coaches.
  • Facilitating regular social events and consistent programming.
  • And capturing all data related to the development and implementation of the CRP.