What does Methodist University’s CRP offer?

Mutual Aid Support Groups

Methodist offers a variety of mutual aid support groups. From SMART recovery to Wellness/Recovery Action Planning (WRAP) to harm reduction, our Collegiate Recovery Program has something to offer everyone. We recognize that there are multiple pathways to recovery and our CRP wants to make sure that there is an option for you.

A Dedicated Space for Students in Recovery to Gather

Methodist University has a dedicated space on campus for the collegiate recovery program. The Methodist University Center for Collegiate Recovery is a dedicated space in Pearce Hall. This space features a comfortable lounge area for students in recovery to socialize and engage in fun activities, such as watching movies, playing video games, participating in group book readings, sharing poetry, and more. Students will find that this space provides a safe and non-judgmental place on campus that supports their recovery and connects them to likeminded people.

In addition, the Collegiate Recovery Program’s dedicated space provides regular and ongoing recovery support services and hosts several weekly mutual aid support groups. The program’s group room is even outfitted with video conferencing capabilities, to help connect our students with the support that they need.  These recovery activities and support services are managed by a North Carolina Certified Peer Support Specialist, and staff who are Recovery Allies.

Institutional Acceptance & Support of the CRP

Methodist University and Fayetteville Technical Community College are partnering to bring this collegiate recovery program to our community. Both Methodist University and Fayetteville Tech support collegiate recovery.

Supportive Staff, Counselors & Student Leaders

Life as a college student presents unique challenges. Methodist, offers access to counseling services for common illnesses like anxiety and depression as well as difficulty coping with stress, adapting to change, forming relationships, and balancing work, play, and rest. The counseling style at Methodist focuses on listening to you and helping you to define your own goals. Counselors can help you to develop a plan and use evidenced-based strategies that will help you move forward and meet the goals you set for yourself. There are also other staff and students on campus who are Recovery Allies.

Peer Support Specialist

A Peer Support Specialist is someone with lived mental health or substance use experience, who is in recovery and undergone specific training to help support others in their recovery.

Social Events & Consistent Programming

A huge part of sustaining recovery is having strong social support. Our CRP is a multi-campus initiative, open to any student wanting to connect with collegiate recovery. We want to support and nurture a strong recovery culture in our community. One way we do that is by hosting regular social events and inclusive programming. Students at Methodist and Fayetteville Tech are welcome to attend any of the CRP activities at either campus. Both campuses will be offering the same sorts of activities and events, and the services will be offered on dates that do not conflict with each other. That way, there are always CRP events or programming available for our students.