First Year Experience

Welcome to Methodist University!

You are now at the starting point of your college career, an exciting chapter in your life. This is a time that you can explore new subjects and ideas, make lifelong friends from around the world and become involved in campus life. Our goal at Methodist University is to provide experiences and opportunities that will prepare you for productive careers and lives of meaning and purpose. We call this the Methodist University Journey.

As you embark on your personal MU Journey, you will find that we have prioritized certain elements of your education that will make a mark on your preparation for the future. In fact, you can begin to build a resume of valuable skills and experiences from your first day on campus. These elements of your MU Journey are: Leadership, Community Engagement, Global Education, and Research and Creativity. Throughout your first year at Methodist, you will explore the value of developing skills in all of these areas in your First Year Seminar class, also known as MUJ 1100: The MU Journey.

Methodist University has programs based on all of these pathways that you can plug into throughout your college career. You will learn about these through your MUJ course. Commuting students will be invited and encouraged to participate in the FYE residential program. In both the MUJ course and the FYE residential programming, you will have the opportunity to develop a foundation for success as a college student and beyond.

Contact the First Year Experience Program

Todd Harris
Phone: 910.630.7155

Job Opportunities

The Department of Housing & Residence Life employs a number of resident students to accomplish its mission.

Student Employment (Work-Study) positions

Lobby Workers: Lobby workers work during visitation hours to monitor and log the entrance of guests in the residence halls. They assist in maintaining order in common areas and report concerns to Housing & Residence Life staff on duty.

Office Assistants: Office assistants are employed in area offices and the central office to complete various tasks. These tasks may include typing, filing, copying, running errands, and answering phone calls.

Institutional Positions

Resident Assistant: The Resident Assistant is an undergraduate student who lives on a residence hall floor with approximately 20-30 students. The RA is responsible for assisting students during their Methodist experience. The RA’s major responsibilities include assisting and advising individual students, maintaining residence hall regulations and policies, providing educational programs, and completing various administrative duties. Applicants for this position must have a minimum 2.5 GPA, a clear discipline record, and must have lived in a residence hall for at least one semester. RA’s receive a free single room, a monthly stipend, and a courtesy parking sticker.

Recruitment and selection for all these positions is on-going. If you are interested in applying for a position, please contact your residential coordinator or the Housing & Residence Life Office at (910) 630.7626 or 910.630.7256.

For professional employment, please visit Employment Opportunities.

Residence Hall Association (RHA)

Methodist University Residence Hall Association (RHA) functions as the voice of on-campus residents, serving as a liaison between residents and the administration. We do everything we can to enhance the living conditions of Methodist University residential students through providing cultural, educational and recreational activities. We work to inspire growth, leadership, and involvement through the development of on-campus life.


Be a Methodist University student. Live on campus.

The National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH)

The National Residence Hall Honorary, NRHH, is a leadership-based honorary comprised of exemplary residential students who value recognition and service. NRHH only allows the top 1% of the on-campus population to be inducted members at any time, but once you become a member and serve within NRHH you are member for life. This honorary is based on recognizing other student leaders, programs, organizations and staff / faculty who give back to the campus and the community at large. With service the members of NRHH pride themselves on engaging with the campus community and outside community to make the campus and surrounding area a better place. The members of NRHH uphold high standards of academics, service and other key attributes that place them above others. Members of the on campus community will know NRHH by their acts both on and off campus as they strive to be the role models and mentors for those to follow.

Contact the Residence Life Office