Loyalty Campaign for Student Scholarships

Loyalty Campaign for Student Scholarships

 All proceeds benefit the Loyalty Campaign Scholarship Fund

  • For more information contact Stacey Prevette at (910) 630-7169.
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Dear Friends of MU:

William BrooksI am honored to serve as the 2018 Chair of the Methodist University Loyalty Campaign for Student Scholarships. As a businessman, a Methodist University alum, and an employer of Methodist University graduates, I understand the value of an excellent education. The members of the Price family have been long-time supporters of the Loyalty Campaign, and I know firsthand that your investment in Methodist and its students with a gift for scholarships is vital. Without your help, many Methodist students would find it difficult to pursue their goals of obtaining a university education. A number of these students are from Cumberland County, and will remain here following graduation as involved citizens, as I have. More than 95 percent of students at Methodist receive financial aid of some sort, meaning your support of the Loyalty Campaign plays a significant role in sustaining the pursuit of excellence that began here in 1956 and continues today, 61 years later. Methodist University has a history of developing unique academic programs in response to community and state-wide workforce needs. This vision, combined with the learning experiences and research opportunities that Methodist offers its students, makes it uniquely qualified to produce graduates who will lead our region into a brighter future. Your gift is an investment in our future as a community. That is why I support Methodist University and why I am urging you to give generously to the 2018 Loyalty Campaign. Please join the Price family on The MU Journey with your gift for student scholarships today!


Tim Price
VP/Owner, Lafayette Ford Lincoln

Devan Cox“I am amazed at the beauty of Methodist. Everything looks new and full of school spirit. The classes and professors are unlike any other. They give you the one-on-one attention you need. I am not just a number in a classroom; my professors know my name and what I am involved in on campus. The opportunities I have had to grow and learn individually are the reason I stay at Methodist. I am able to stay here because of the scholarships I receive. During my freshman year my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, and she wasn’t able to work, so the scholarships have meant the world to me. They are allowing me to receive an education so I can do great things with my life. I would like to thank you for donating so students like me have this opportunity.”

Devan Cox, Class of 2019
Sherrills Ford, N.C.
Kinesiology with a minor in Digital Forensics & Cybersecurity

Nina Gibbs“Methodist University has given me a family and home away from home. When I got here, I found my ‘one thing’ and have continued to fall in love with the place that I call my home. Thank you for affording me the opportunity to attend MU and receive a college education. I am especially thankful for the Robert H. Short Scholarship which allows Fayetteville-area students to go to college in their community.”

Nina Gibbs, Class of 2019
Fayetteville, N.C.
Biology with a minor in Psychology

Sydney Schmeltzer“My high school volleyball coach, an MU alumni, really encouraged me to tour Methodist University. He felt it would be exactly what I was looking for. He was right! I knew I wanted a smaller institution where I would not ‘get lost’ or be ‘one of the crowd.’ I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your donations to scholarships at Methodist University. Receiving a scholarship not only made the difference in my ability to attend a school like Methodist, but it also motivates me to do well so I can return the favor to future Monarchs. Your generosity does not go unnoticed or unappreciated.”

Sydney Schmeltzer, Class of 2020
Pikeville, N.C.
Pre-Nursing with a minor in Health Care Administration

Nicholas Talley

“Athletics has been one of the main things to drive me to stay at Methodist. With the track and field team, I felt like I was part of a family, like I belonged somewhere. Attending an NCAA Division III institution without athletic scholarships means I’m more reliant on academic scholarships and other financial aid. Without scholarships, I would not be able to afford to come to Methodist. I thank you for all you do to support Methodist University. Some may think that what they are donating is small, but it has a big impact on students like me.”

Nicholas Talley, Class of 2017
Wilson, N.C.
Accounting with a minor in Business Administration




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