1955 – Notable business, community, civic, and church leaders in the greater Fayetteville community pledge to raise $2 million for start-up and $50,000 annual operating funds to establish a church-affiliated liberal arts college in Fayetteville, N.C.

June 1956 – Franklin S. Clark is elected as the first president of the Methodist College Foundation (now the Founders Council), comprised of 35 Fayetteville area business owners, banking representatives, and civic, church and community leaders to “aid, foster, and promote the growth, progress, and general welfare of the new Methodist College.”

Nov. 1, 1956 – The Methodist College charter is approved by the state of North Carolina.

1958 – “Pay Up and Build,” the first Loyalty Campaign, is formally implemented to collect unpaid pledges from the community for remainder of start-up and operating funds.

1959 – The conclusion of the first Loyalty Campaign results in $1.8 million donated by 6,000 Fayetteville and Cumberland County residents and 30,000 members of the NC Conference of The United Methodist Church, fulfilling most of the original start-up pledge.

1960 – The first class of young men and women begin their Methodist College journey. The annual Loyalty Campaign continues to raise operating and debt service funds to expand enrollment and campus facilities.

1964–The college’s first graduates establish the Methodist College Alumni Association and pledge to raise $5,000 annually for the Loyalty Campaign.

1974 – “An Investment in Tomorrow’s Leaders and Fayetteville’s Future” campaign, is chaired by Dr. Charles M. Speegle. Campaigns now annually surpass the original $50,000 annual goal.

1984 – “Partners for Progress” campaign, chaired by I.B. Julian. Campaigns are now raising up to $120,000 annually for operations and student scholarships.

1994 – “Meeting the Future” campaign, chaired by Craig Stewart, includes more than 100 community participants.

2004 – The “Treasure the Tradition, Build for the Future” campaign is chaired by Rep. Mike McIntyre. Every campaign hereafter raises funds solely for student scholarships.

2014 – The “Building Excellence” campaign is chaired by Tim Richardson. A total of 134 volunteers raise more than $120,000 for student scholarships.

2024 – The “Reignite the Legacy” campaign, led by Founders Council president Kim Hasty, emphasizes digital communications to mobilize widespread participation among donors, alumni, students, faculty, and staff.