Ambassadors are MU’s digital leaders, sharing messages and creating excitement about MU Loyalty Day before and during the campaign.

How can Ambassadors help with Loyalty Day?

  • Please post about MU Loyalty Day on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using #MULoyaltyDay.
  • Make your gift on February 29. If you have already made a gift this year, thank you! By creating an additional gift of any size on February 29, you can help us make a difference in the life of a student at MU.
  • Use the Ambassador toolkit below. The Toolkit provides sample email messages, graphics, and social media posts.
  • Help spread awareness within your social network via email, text, phone, and social media.

Ambassador Toolkit

As an ambassador of MU Loyalty Day, we encourage you to help us share the word of our Loyalty campaign by utilizing your personal social media! To participate, please utilize the following directions and resources:

MU Loyalty Day Logos & Social Media Graphics

When using MU Loyalty Day logos and social media graphics, do not edit, alter, or change them in any way. Please download and use as is.

Timeline & Example Social Media Posts

Feel free to tailor any of these sample social media posts to your own style! 

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Week of Feb. 5 | Week of Feb. 12 | Week of Feb. 19 | Week of Feb. 26 | Loyalty Day, Feb. 29

Week of February 5

This week, we will define MU Loyalty Day in more detail – precisely the theme of “Reignite the Legacy.”

Social Media Text Suggestion #1
🗓️ Save the date – Feb. 29, 2024! MU Loyalty Day is our chance to reignite the legacy. Join us in giving back and making a lasting impact. 🔥💚#MULoyaltyDay

Social Media Text Suggestion #2
📣 Calling all MU Monarchs! On Feb. 29, 2024, let’s unite to reignite the legacy of Methodist University. MU Loyalty Day – 24 hours to make a lasting impact. 💚💛 #MULoyaltyDay

Social Media Text Suggestion #3
🟢💛 MU Loyalty Day is back, Feb. 29, 2024! 🎉 24 hours to make a difference. Support scholarships, departments, and programs. #MULoyaltyDay

Week of February 12

This week, we will:

  • Increase the number of social media posts about MU Loyalty Day, including how the community can become part of it
  • Begin to promote the website, which should include more detailed FAQs

Social Media Text Suggestion #1
💚🦁 Two weeks until the big day – #MULoyaltyDay on Feb. 29. Join me in gearing up for a day of giving that will shape the legacy of Methodist University! Learn more at

Social Media Text Suggestion #2
📈🎉 Anticipation is building! Play a role in reigniting the legacy of Methodist University on Feb. 29 with #MULoyaltyDay. Join in on the excitement and learn more at

Social Media Text Suggestion #3
💚💛 Be a part of the legacy! MU Loyalty Day on Feb. 29 is your chance to reignite and make a meaningful impact. Learn how you can join us in shaping the legacy at #MULoyaltyDay

Week of February 19

This week, we will:

  • Continue sharing social media posts about MU Loyalty Day
  • Attempt to define, in more detail, the day-of plans, including a “Why are you Loyal to MU?” contest. This contest challenges students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends record a video on social media and tag @methodistuniversity on why they are loyal to MU. They should use the hashtags #MULoyaltyDay and #Loyal2MU

Social Media Text Suggestion #1
#MULoyaltyDay on Feb. 29 is your chance to 🔥reignite the legacy🔥 and support the area of MU that means the most to you! Learn more about how to support what you 💚 at

Social Media Text Suggestion #2
🌟 It’s almost time to reignite! Join me in supporting #MULoyaltyDay on Feb. 29 and make a lasting impact on the legacy at Methodist University. 💚Visit to learn more.💚

Social Media Text Suggestion #3
Make the most of your leap day – #MULoyaltyDay on Feb. 29 is your opportunity to support students and be part of reigniting the legacy🔥 Learn more about what you can do ➡️

Social Media Text Suggestion #4
Are you ready for #MULoyaltyDay?💚🦁 Check out the FAQs at to make sure you’re ready to help reignite the legacy on Feb. 29! 🔥 

Social Media Text Suggestion #5
🌟 Your gift to MU Loyalty Day on Feb. 29 is a spark that ignites change! Join us in making a significant impact, reigniting the legacy, and supporting students at Methodist University. 💚💛

Week of February 26

This week, we will:

  • Post at least once per day on all social media platforms
  • Continue to share posts from other social media ambassadors and MU’s social media accounts
  • Make one final push to alert our audience of the Feb. 29 date. Posts will be similar to the week prior, but include more specific dates

Social Media Text Suggestion #1
🌟 Your gift to MU Loyalty Day on Feb. 29 is a spark that ignites change! Join us in making a significant impact, reigniting the legacy, and supporting students at Methodist University. 💚💛

Social Media Text Suggestion #2
👀 We’ve been hyping up MU Loyalty Day for about month now, but if you missed it, no worries! Check out to learn everything you need to know to help reignite the legacy this Thursday, Feb. 29 🔥💚💛 #MULoyaltyDay

Social Media Text Suggestion #3
Your participation on #MULoyaltyDay is the key to reigniting legacies at Methodist University. 🔥 Discover how you can be part of the legacy ➡️ 💚💛

Social Media Text Suggestion #4
This Thursday, sparks will fly!🔥 Your gift on #MULoyaltyDay will help us reignite the legacy and make student dreams possible for years to come 💚💛 ➡️ 

Social Media Text Suggestion #5
#MULoyaltyDay is just one sleep away. Your generosity will not only shape the future of our University but also touch lives in North Carolina and beyond. Be part of reigniting the legacy ➡️ 💚💛

Day of February 29

MU Loyalty Day begins at midnight. The University’s main social media accounts will lead the conversation. This is your opportunity to share!

Today, we will:

  • Ask for donations as a part of MU Loyalty Day
  • Share social media posts from the main Methodist University and MU Alumni accounts (this includes a video from President Stanley T. Wearden early in the morning from the main Methodist University account)
  • Thank those who have donated

Social Media Text Suggestion #1
Today is the day! Your #MULoyaltyDay gifts will help build a brighter future for Methodist University. Donations of $5 or more will help make us better for the next generation of Monarchs. Make your gift here  ➡️

Social Media Text Suggestion #2   
Today is #MULoyaltyDay! Help us reignite the legacy by making a gift. Donate here  ➡️   💛💚

Social Media Text Suggestion #3
Be the spark that reignites the legacy during #MULoyaltyDay by making a gift 💚🔥🦁 ➡️

Social Media Text Suggestion #4
To those of you who have already donated today, thank you! If not, there’s still time If not, there’s still time – join in the #MULoyaltyDay excitement by  donating here ➡️

Social Media Text Suggestion #5
It’s #MULoyaltyDay! Make a gift to the area of MU that means the most to you ➡️ 💛💚