Students in a PGA Golf Management Class

Business Administration is Methodist University’s most in-demand major with 12.4% of students majoring in the program last semester – and there are plenty of reasons for the high ranking.

Business Administration is Methodist University’s most in-demand major with 12.4% of students majoring in the program last semester – and there are plenty of reasons for the high ranking.

MU senior Chandler Burgoyne is the latest student to vouch for the program. Like many children of parents in the military, Burgoyne moved from city to city and school to school for most of her life. She became numb to the idea of finding a home – until she found Methodist University.

A small group of students discuss in a Business Administration class.
A small group of students discuss in a Business Administration class.

“I’ve lived in so many places that I’ve sort of lost count,” said Burgoyne. “But now that I’ve been at MU for four years, I definitely consider it my home. It’s been a great experience for me.”

In high school, Burgoyne originally planned on attending college in Kentucky, but a visit to Methodist University’s sprawling 600-acre campus quickly altered her plans.

“During the tour, I really loved how small the classes were,” she said. “I don’t think I would’ve done well in a class with hundreds of people filling up a lecture hall. The University’s small class sizes were a big part of my decision.”

After deciding to attend MU, Burgoyne found her footing as a member of the volleyball team and the Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority. But she grew leaps and bounds after deciding to major in Business Administration with minors in Accounting, International Business, and Psychology.

“The Business Administration program offers a lot of different avenues for your concentrations and minors,” said Burgoyne, who will graduate in May with hopes of working in auditing or financial management. “I’ll be able to walk away with my diploma knowing I have the skills to get into a career I’m interested in

Future Opportunities

Burgoyne is one of more than 200 students currently majoring in Business Administration, a program that lives under MU’s renowned Charles M. Reeves School of Business and Economics – which has prepared students for a wide range of business careers since it was founded in 1986.

“Methodist University’s Business Administration program prepares students with the tools to run any business – whether it is for-profit or a community organization,” said Professor Mark Regensburger, assistant professor of Management. “We teach them how to manage people, how to manage money, and how to manage the work being done for the business.”

Business Administration is offered both on campus and online with three concentrations available through the on-campus bachelor’s program:

  • PGA Golf Management: Accredited by the PGA of America, this concentration prepares for various administrative careers on a golf club resort such as general manager, director, coach, superintendent, and others
  • Professional Tennis Management: Similar to the PGA Golf Management concentration, this concentration prepares provides students with the skills and certifications to work in administrative roles at tennis centers around the country
  • Health Care Administration: For those interested working in the health care industry, this concentration offers a path to working as a hospital administrator, hospital CEO, healthcare consultant, and more

The beauty of the program also lies within the available minors. If a student, like Burgoyne, wants to pick up as many different skills as possible, they can easily select from more than a dozen minors including Business Analytics, Economics, Human Resource Management, Marketing, and Resort, Club & Hospitality Management.

The high level of opportunity offered through the MU Business Administration program has a strong history of garnering success for graduates – many earning executive roles in automotive, military, health care, and other businesses across North Carolina.

“Most recently, we had a graduate who got a well-paying job for a company in the Research Triangle developing the electronic hardware for the interior of gas pumps,” said Regensburger. “He has a big part in making sure the process worked, keeping track of metrics, and suggesting corrections when needed.”

A Caring, Knowledgeable Faculty

One key reason for the success of the Business Administration program is the expertise of its faculty. While there are some faculty who boast a deep academic background knowledge, there are also some faculty with wide-ranging experience in the business world – ensuring you get a quality mix of business tactics and wisdom.

“There have been some faculty who have really impacted my experience at MU,” said Burgoyne. “For example, [Head of the Reeves School of Business and Professor of Accounting] Dr. Mary Kirchner is amazing. She really is the main reason I decided to add Accounting as a minor. I’m not a huge math person, but she helped me understand it in a practical way.”

Burgoyne also pointed to the faculty’s passion for making students a priority.

“I know this gets thrown out all the time, but the professors really do care about the students,” she said. “It feels like they are truly in your corner and want to see you succeed. I know for a fact that if I ever need anything after graduation, I’ll be able to reach out to any one of them and they won’t hesitate to help out.”

The Convenience of Online Learning

Methodist University is understanding that some students may have a demanding work and family schedule – a big reason why the Business Administration program is also available through the convenience of a laptop or computer. Students even have the option of adding the Health Care Administration concentration, if wanted. Minors in Accounting, Marketing, and Business Administration are also on the menu.

“Our online classes are taught by the same professors who teach our on-campus courses,” added Regensburger. “We worked hand-in-hand with the instructional designers to ensure a quality online program”

All online courses offer a dedicated enrollment counselor to help each online student with enrollment, tuition, and more. Combined with 24/7 technical support, the online program is a viable option for anyone searching for the combination of excellence, affordability, and flexibility.

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Another feather in the cap for Methodist University’s Business Administration program is the emergence of its online Master of Business of Administration (MBA) degree.

The one-year program provides students the opportunity to elevate their careers by pursuing leadership positions in areas of consulting, investment banking, financial services, manufacturing, and more.

“An MBA opens more career doors for you,” said Regensburger. “It allows you to move into upper-level management. For example, instead of doing accounting, you could actually be the one managing the people who do the accounting. It helps you understand the broader business in such a way that you’re contributing to it with information. It’s bigger picture.”

Many of MU’s MBA graduates have go on to work for big companies like Four Season Hotels and Resorts, Ralph Lauren, Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, U.S. Army, and Cape Fear Valley Hospital.

Apply Today

Now is the perfect time to apply for Methodist University’s Business Administration program. Whether you are looking for an immersive on-campus experience for your bachelor’s degree, the flexibility of an online degree, or the career opportunities afforded through the MBA program, the next step begins now.

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