Laboratory Training

Methodist University has a firm stance on training especially in the laboratory setting. All faculty, staff, and students must undergo laboratory safety training every semester. This safety training course is required for all classes that are taught in a laboratory setting for Chemistry, Biology, Art, Nursing, Athletic Training, and some Theater classes.

Most professors assign this training as a quiz or homework assignment.

Green Laboratories

Methodist University has become known for being an advocate in the field of green and sustainable education. Our laboratories are no exception to this fact. From Chemistry, Biology, to Art and Theater, our University-wide Green Laboratory policies keep our campus green and sustainable.

Laboratory Safety Resources

NFPA Hazard Rating System

Methodist University’s laboratory doors are posted with emergency information to warn occupants and The Fayetteville Fire Department personnel of the presence and identification of hazardous materials inside each laboratory.

Chemical Hygiene

It is the policy of Methodist University to provide as safe a workplace as is possible and practicable for all of its employees. This Chemical Hygiene Plan covers a broad range of aspects regarding the use of chemicals in the workplace.

Autoclave Use & Record Keeping

Autoclaves are instruments that produce superheated steam under very high pressure to sterilize instruments, other media, and even biohazardous waste, making it safe to handle.