1. Once on the website, go to the top left hand side for Customer Login. If you have not already created a user account, please do so.
  2. Enter your information (name, address, department, etc) and click Continue.
  3. Once this is completed, you will not have to do it again – you will be able to log in using your last name and password you just created.
  4. Once you are logged in, you will see on the right hand side a box with a link that says ADD/REMOVE Online Wallet. This is where you can store credit card information for purchases. The website is secure and is PCI compliant. You can also store different credit cards, naming them different things, as you can charge orders to different cards as necessary. Please note that cards will not be charged until after the event has occurred and any adjustments have been made.
    • When you click on the link, a box will pop up. You will select Credit Card for the Payment Method. Once you do this, another box will pop up and ask for the information on the credit card. This is where you will enter all the card information.
  5. Next, you will go back to the home page where on the right hand side you will click on Create New Order in order to start an order. (As you have orders in the system, you can also use the Manage Order and View My Catering links to see your upcoming orders that have already been placed).
  6. Click Create New Order to start the ordering process. You will be able to view all the menus available online. However, please note we are not limited to the menus that are listed and are able to customize menus. Order the quantities and selections of food desired.
  7. This will take you through the process of ordering the product you want, and reviewing the order. Once you are done ordering, continue to event information by clicking Cart All Set? Click Here!
  8. On the next screen you will select the date of the event, delivery method, delivery contact, delivery phone, building, floor, room #/name, serviceware option, food delivery time, event start time, event end time, and guest count. Then continue.
  9. Enter an Order Name at the top. Click Continue at the bottom.
  10. On the next screen select the Payment Method. Once that is completed, click Here we go!
  11. This will process your order and generate an email to you.
  12. To make changes to an order once it is submitted, log into Catertrax. On the right hand side click Manage Orders.
    • There you will view your current orders.
    • In the far right column of each order, there is a box for Change with a brown envelope. Click that to make a change to that specific order.
    • Once the envelope is clicked, the screen will show information that you are able to alter. If necessary, add special instructions in the Special Instructions box.
    • After the changes are made, click Send Change/Updated Request.

For any questions or concerns, you can email Aramark via the Contact Us tab on Catertrax, call 910. 884.0065, or email Ms. Jill Small at small-jill@aramark.com.

We look forward to working with each of you on your special events to provide quality service and food!