Methodist University is committed to maintaining a supportive and safe environment, one which seeks to enhance the well‐being of all members and visitors within its community. Within that commitment, the University places importance on creating a secure environment for children. To that end, the University has adopted child protection policy and procedures.

In order to ensure the safety and well‐being of children, individuals, including University faculty, staff, students, volunteers, others in positions of trust and representatives as well as third‐party vendors and their employees, representatives, or volunteers that contract for use of University facilities, with responsibilities that involve interaction with children (collectively “University personnel”), must carefully review and abide by the below policy regarding abuse.

Volunteers who have an event leader at Methodist University and will be working with children must fill out the applicable electronic forms; please click on the complete now button to the right to get started. These are not applications for volunteer positions.

For questions regarding the Child Protection Policy, please contact the Human Resources Office 910. 630.7255.