Other Clubs & Organizations

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African Student Organization

The purpose of ASO is to enlighten students about the diverse cultures within the African continent. It is also a place for students to clarify misconceptions about African cultures, societies, and overall lifestyle. ASO will serve as a social and cultural gathering for African students that will be both entertaining and informative to them and other Methodist University students. ASO also hopes to build the relationships between Africans and Americans, in order to bridge the gap between cultures and promote diversity. Methodist University ASO is open for membership to all members of the Methodist University community.

Dr. Clifton Bobbitt, (910) 630-7161, cbobbitt@methodist.edu

Black Student Union

The purpose of the Black Student Union is to improve the quality of life for black students on campus and increasing human relations between all students. The Black Student Union benefits the university community because it provides opportunities for cross-cultural awareness and appreciation for a diverse community of students.

Dr. Cliff Bobbitt, (910) 630-7167, cbobbitt@methodist.edu

College Republicans

The MU College Republicans is a club is open to all students. It seeks to encourage students to participate in the political process, and the College Republicans try to inform students of upcoming political events and current affairs. Its members tend to be politically conservative; however, the MU College Republicans are not formally affiliated with any political party. Some club activities include voter registration drives, get-out-the-vote efforts, welcoming guest speakers to campus, and organizing social events.

Dr. Andrew (Drew) Ziegler, (910) 630-7488, aziegler@methodist.edu

Community Engagement Fellows Program

The Center for Community Engagement offers MU students opportunities to participate in time-limited, problem-solving, community-based internships. These internships enable individual students to gain experience in the job market.

Students who desire greater opportunities for further experience will be able to participate in the new Community Engagement Fellows program which provides students an opportunity to expand their existing knowledge, skills, and leadership experiences around community engagement, and to apply their education in the development of a project that directly addresses campus and/or community impact areas.

Rev. Kelli Taylor, (910) 630-7515, ktaylor@methodist.edu

Community Engagement Fellows Program Web Site

Methodist University Democrats


Methodist University Democrats logo

We, the future of the Democratic Party, hereby take ownership of our party as young Americans eager to ensure a brighter tomorrow with broad prosperity and a more peaceful world. We strive to better our community and to promote the principles of equality, opportunity, social justice, and freedom within a just and strong society. As college students, we dedicate ourselves to representing the interest of students and youth within the political process.”

Professor Morgan L. Dancy, (910) 630-7320, mdancy@methodist.edu

Global Ambassadors

Global Ambassadors is a student-buddy program made to bridge the gap between international and domestic students. Students are encouraged to foster intercultural exchange among the MU community. Students from any background are welcome to join and participate in become a mentor to incoming international students. Global Ambassadors plan and carry out events and activities to provide support to new international students. We create leadership, global education, and community engagement opportunities to all MU students. We promote global education, as it creates an opportunities for integrating international and domestic students and fosters intercultural exchange among staff, faculty, administrators and members of the local community.

Qualifications: Anyone is welcome to join; just pick up an application in the International Programs Office.
Kayla Pless, (910) 630-7049, kpless@methodist.edu

Global Ambassadors Web Site

GLOW (Gay, Lesbian, or Whatever)

GLOW is a Methodist University student club that offers safe, non-prejudiced help and support for people interested in learning more about LGBTQ topics. They offer weekly meetings, support groups, guest speakers, educational topics, and fun activities.

Dr. Cliff Bobbitt, (910) 630-7167, cbobbitt@methodist.edu

Hispanic Club

MU Hispanic Club aims to integrate the Hispanic students to promote mutual understanding among the Methodist University community in order to enrich knowledge of the diversity of the Hispanic culture.

Dr. Javier Pabon, (910) 630-7073, jpabon@methodist.edu

International Club

International Club logoThe International Club seeks to invite all students to participate in activities of an international nature that promote diversions while at the same time promoting understanding among all peoples and cultures. Some of the activities that we offer and organize are The International Food Fest, The Professors’ Dinner (for graduating seniors), The New PANGEA!, The International Fashion Show, as well as support for other activities such as the International Film Festival, Social/Coffee Hours and other similar activities.

Dr. Cristina Francescon, (910) 630-7082, francesc@methodist.edu

International Club Web Site

Leadership Fellows Program

This program provides students an avenue for personal leadership development. Monarchs who are driven to acquire the knowledge, values, skills, and practical experiences that will empower them for extraordinary leadership should consider becoming a Leadership Fellow.

Qualifications: Participation is limited to those nominated and selected based on academic achievement, exceptional character, and a commitment to engage in a rigorous two to three year program of leadership development.
Dr. Andrew Ziegler, (910) 630-7488, aziegler@methodist.edu

Leadership Fellows Program Web Site

Lector Club

The Lector Club supports students who wish to attend plays, concerts, museums, lectures, tours and other cultural events.

Dr. Jennifer Rohrer-Walsh, (910) 630-7076, jrwalsh@methodist.edu

Photography Club

The Photography Club is a club for students who are interested in all aspects of photography.

Qualifications: Be interested in photography.
Alicia Kuch, (910) 630-7652, dkuch@methodist.edu

Residence Hall Association (RHA)

Methodist University Residence Hall Association (RHA) functions as the voice of on-campus residents, serving as a liaison between residents and the administration. We do everything we can to enhance the living conditions of Methodist University residential students through providing cultural, educational and recreational activities. We work to inspire growth, leadership, and involvement through the development of on-campus life.

Qualifications: Be a Methodist University student. Live on campus.


Rotaract members work to address their communities’ physical and social needs while promoting international understanding and peace through a framework of friendship and service. Local Rotary clubs sponsor the Rotaract Club, and Rotarians foster members’ personal and professional development through mentoring and partnerships. Rotaractors volunteer locally and globally, build career contacts, develop leadership skills, network with service-minded people worldwide, and make new friends and have fun. Come join us!

Qualifications: Membership is open to students aged 18-30 who are willing to make a difference in the world.
Dave Baggett, (910) 630-7614, dbaggett@methodist.edu


Student Leaders at Methodist, our mission is to recognize first year students with outstanding leadership potential; to encourage, motivate, train and offer mentorship as they step into leadership positions in student government, residential halls, and academic, athletic and other student organizations. We identify potential student leaders through nominations by faculty and staff. We train and motivate participants through leadership seminars and workshops. All participants who successfully complete the program are individually recognized at an Honors Dinner and are encouraged to become a part of the Monarch Leaders of the 21st Century campus organization.

Jay Carroll, (910) 630-7091, jcarroll@methodist.edu

Student Activities Committee

Student Activities is responsible for the planning and implementation of student entertainment and activities held on the Methodist University campus. This includes comedians, novelty acts, homecoming, Spring Fling, and movies. Our Student Activities program has been ranked for several years in the Top 5 in the nation by Campus Activities Magazine. All full-time students are encouraged to participate in this open organization. Involvement in campus programs and activities is vital to a well-rounded education and directly influences students’ college satisfaction, academic achievement, and persistence toward graduation.
Dr. Doris Munoz, (910) 630-7022, dmunoz@methodist.edu

Student Government Association

The Methodist University SGA is composed of all full-time day students as well as evening students who choose to pay the activity fee. The association is governed by a constitution and directed by officers and senators elected by the student body. The purpose of the SGA is to represent the students to the University administration and design programs to meet the needs of the students. All students are encouraged to participate in the programs sponsored by the SGA and to provide new ideas for implementation. Meetings are held weekly and are open to all students.
Dr. Doris Munoz, (910) 630-7022, dmunoz@methodist.edu

SGA Web Site

Student Veterans of America

Student Veterans Association logoSVA-MU is a student organization with the mission to support veterans in their transition from a military lifestyle to achieve success in academia and in their career field through a peer to peer network. In partnership with community organizations such as Disabled American Veterans, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Wounded Warrior Project and others, the SVA-MU participates in fundraising projects to assist local and national veterans.

Qualifications: SVA-MU membership is open to active-duty service-members, veterans, ROTC cadets and military family members as well as MU students, faculty and staff who support the mission of SVA-MU.
Randy Smith, (910) 630-7174, randys@methodist.edu

University Ambassadors

Methodist University Student Ambassadors are among the most important and visible students at Methodist University. The main job of a student ambassador is to support the admissions staff by giving hour-long tours to prospective students and their families. These individuals tend to be very active in the Methodist community and are able to share their student life experiences with visiting families. *All student ambassadors are trained by an admission staff member upon hiring.

Qualifications– Prospective ambassadors must first apply and interview with a team of admissions staff. Ambassadors must: Be enrolled as a full-time, day, undergraduate student in the given semester. Be available to work at least two non-consecutive hours per week. Be available to work at least two Saturdays per semester. Be actively involved in campus activities. Provide exceptional information about the Methodist University campus, and its facilities. Maintain a positive attitude. Be warm and friendly with prospective families at all times.
Taylor Murphy, (910) 630-7485, tamurphy@methodist.edu

Visual Arts Club

Visual Arts Club logoVisual Arts Club is an organization that welcomes all who have an interest in the arts. We aim to give members of the Methodist community an opportunity to express their creativity in a fun and interactive manner through an assortment of events and activities. Our purpose as a club is to raise awareness and appreciation of the arts throughout our campus.

Visual Arts Club is an organization that welcomes all who have an interest in the arts. We aim to give members of the Methodist community an opportunity to express their creativity in a fun and interactive manner through an assortment of events and activities. Our purpose as a club is to raise awareness and appreciation of the arts throughout our campus.

Professor Tori Hord, (910) 630-7118, thord@methodist.edu