Black Alumni Chapter LogoOur mission as the Black Alumni of Methodist University is to foster a vibrant community that celebrates the achievements, aspirations, and unique experiences of Black alumni. We are dedicated to creating a supportive platform where past, present, and future generations of Black graduates can connect, collaborate, and contribute to the advancement of education, leadership, and social justice.

Guided by the principles of unity, resilience, and empowerment, we endeavor to:

  1. Forge Lasting Connections: We aim to create a robust network that facilitates meaningful connections among Black alumni, fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie. By sharing our diverse stories and perspectives, we enrich one another’s lives and cultivate a deep bond that transcends time and distance.
  2. Champion Educational Excellence: Through mentorship, scholarship programs, and workshops, we strive to provide resources and guidance to current students of color, empowering them to excel academically and unlock their full potential. By nurturing their growth, we contribute to the continued success of our alma mater.
  3. Celebrate Achievements: We celebrate the achievements of Black alumni across various fields, recognizing their contributions to society, business, arts, sciences, and more. By showcasing their successes, we inspire others to aim high, break barriers, and shatter stereotypes.
  4. Advocate for Social Justice: Committed to advancing social equity and justice, we leverage our collective voice and influence to address issues of systemic racism and inequality. We engage in dialogue, promote awareness, and collaborate with institutions and communities to drive positive change.
  5. Preserve and Share Legacy: We honor the rich heritage of Black alumni by preserving our collective history and legacy. Through oral histories, archives, and cultural events, we ensure that the stories and struggles of those who came before us are not forgotten, serving as a source of inspiration for future generations.
  6. Foster Professional Growth: We provide a platform for professional development, networking, and mentorship, enabling Black alumni to thrive in their careers and achieve leadership positions. By sharing expertise and opportunities, we create a supportive ecosystem that propels members to new heights.
  7. Cultivate Inclusivity: We actively foster an inclusive environment that welcomes all identities and perspectives within the Black diaspora. Our commitment to intersectionality ensures that diverse voices are heard and valued, enriching our collective experience.

In pursuit of our mission, we recognize that our shared journey extends beyond the boundaries of our educational experience. By embracing our heritage, empowering one another, and advocating for a just and equitable society, we uplift ourselves and create a lasting impact on our alma mater and the world at large. Together, we embody excellence, unity, and progress.

Officers (2024)

  • President: Jay Carroll ’15
  • Vice President of Finance: Brandon Sparrow ’17
  • Vice President of Outreach and Engagement: Shawntavia Smith ’15
  • Vice President of Communications: Jameco McKenzie ’15
  • Vice President of Events: Deion Garner ’17


Oct. 20, 2024 – Third Annual Black Alumni Chapter Scholarship Brunch during Homecoming Weekend
Benefiting the Dr. Mary M. Atwater ’69 Endowed Scholarship.

Follow the link to see images from the Second Annual Black Alumni Chapter Scholarship Brunch (2023).

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