Entrepreneur of the Year

Entrepreneur of the Year

A risk-taker in the free-enterprise system: a person who sees an opportunity and then devises strategies to achieve specific objectives.

2017 Jim Pittman
2016 John S. Calhoun
2015 Dr. Brian Kent
2014 Robert Jordan IV
2013 Charles J. Harrell
2012 Scott & Janet Cameron
2011 Dr. Sid Gautam
2010 John Koenig
2009 Wayne Dadetto
2008 Earl Brock
2007 Thomas Wood, Sr.
2006 Carlie C. McLamb
2005 Houston Nile Brisson, Jr.
2004 David Kemp Clark
2003 Robert Bleecker
2002 D.M. "Mac" Campbell
2001 Bonner Hubbard
2000 Carlton C. Martin
1999 Clarence E. Briggs III
1998 Gregory Staderman
1997 Stephen M. Smith
1996 William Rand Jordan
1995 James Robert (Bob) Smith
1994 Lewis Jourden
1993 Franklin Clark and John Henley
1992 Rajan Shamdasani
1991 David M. McCune,Sr.
1990 Don Clayton
1989 Charlie Holt
1988 Vance Neal
1987 Dohn Broadwell
1986 Albert O. McCauley
1985 Ramon Yarborough
1984 W. Don Brewer
1983 M. J. Weeks
1982 William Wellons, Sr.
1981 Von Autry, Jr.
1980 Norman Suttles
1979 Ralph Potter
1978 J.P. Riddle
1977 Richard R. Allen
1976 John W. Hensdale


"Fire From The Mountain: Glass and Steel" Exhibit

The David McCune International Art Gallery at Methodist University is pleased to host the exhibition "Fire From The Mountain: Glass and Steel",...

Foreign Film Series: "Lemon Tree"

A Palestinian widow must defend her lemon trees when a new Israeli Defense Minister moves next to her and threatens to have her lemon grove torn down...

Friends of Music presents Winifred Garrett, Harpist

Presented by Friends of Music

A first-generation classical musician, Winifred Garrett is the principal harpist for the Fayetteville Symphony...