Through the generous support of the Nimocks family, the Reeves School of Business offers limited funding for students to develop undergraduate research projects in the form of a thesis or an independent project/paper.


Students can qualify to earn 3, 6, or 9 upper-level credit hours while working on their undergraduate thesis.


Students are encouraged and can qualify to receive funds to participate in conferences, or to make on-campus research presentations.

Travel/Research Costs

In some cases, students may be eligible to receive funding to travel to conduct research or to offset research expense costs (i.e., software, books, magazines, newspapers, other media costs).

Recognition/Resume Builder

Successful students will receive recognition from the Reeves School of Business and Methodist University.  Also, having successfully completed a substantial research project at the undergraduate level will enable the student to more easily qualify for graduate programs while also impressing potential employers.

Frequently Asked Questions

An undergraduate thesis is an original, independent research project culminating in a significant paper.

A thesis is characterized by persuasion, factual evidence, originality, and clarity of expression.

A thesis can be started in the junior year or the first semester of the senior year.

A thesis demonstrates a student’s research skills and highlights an area of interest for graduate studies and/or career goals. A thesis, if done correctly, will best represent and define your undergraduate education.

Select a thesis topic where you have a strong interest.

The form and length of a thesis can vary greatly by topic. Traditional research-based theses are 30 to 50 pages, but some are longer. Your paper should be long enough to extract a scholarly article from it.