Collegiate Leadership Competition team with trophy

Collegiate Leadership Competition

Methodist University competes nationally in the Collegiate Leadership Competition (CLC), a nonprofit college leadership program founded in 2015.  This experience creates a dynamic practice field where student leaders can apply what they’re learning about leadership in a context that stretches the boundaries of their leadership knowledge, skills, and abilities.  CLC makes leadership a real, tangible experience for future leaders.

A coach would not ask a college athlete to compete on the field without weeks or months of practice. Yet, too often we ask students to sit in a classroom and learn theories and terms about leadership, but rarely provide opportunities to put them into practice until they begin their first job.

CLC competitions and practices are high-impact learning experiences, at which students build skills that are critical for the next generation of leaders.  Coaches use experiential curriculum to provide real-time coaching and feedback to students on the attributes of effective leaders, leadership/followership styles, creative problem solving, influencing others, navigating difficult conversations, conflict resolution, ethical decision-making, stressors, and effective team building.

If you’re interested, contact MU’s coach Dr. John Edwards, 910.630.7409.