Students who want to immerse themselves in a culture of research and creativity can become Methodist University Undergraduate Research & Creativity (URC) Fellows. The pathway to becoming a Methodist University URC Fellow is intended to be intense and rigorous. However, upon completion of the program, the successful students will be well-rounded and open-minded and will have had an experience that sets them apart from their peers at MU and other institutions.

Condensed timeline

  • Freshman year: Begin talking to faculty about their research and/or your research interests.
  • Beginning second semester sophomore year: A faculty member must nominate you to become a URC Fellow Candidate. (GPA requirement = 3.0)
  • Following faculty nomination: Submit application
  • During URC Fellowship candidacy: Complete all Fellow candidate requirements
  • End of second semester junior year: Apply to become URC Fellow after all Fellow candidate requirements are completed. (GPA requirement = 3.0)
  • Senior year: Continue completing URC Fellow requirements
  • Two months before expected graduation: Submit application to receive Certificate of Completion
  • Graduation: Graduate Methodist University as a URC Fellow!

How does the process work?

Freshmen will be registered for a First Year Seminar (FYS) course, during which they will learn about the different pathways of the Methodist University Journey. At this point, students should begin discussing the possibility of engaging in research with a faculty member. During the second semester of their sophomore year, students can be nominated for and then apply to the URC Fellow program. Students are encouraged to approach a member of the Methodist University Faculty to discuss their potential nomination and research opportunities.

Once students are nominated by a faculty or staff member, they will accept the nomination by submitting a URC Fellow Candidate application. After review of the application, the CRC will notify the student of the decision. Those who are accepted can begin completing the requirements which include the following:  (a) attending a series of events that are focused on research and creative projects, (b) writing  a series of essays that reflect their thoughts and opinions on the events they attend, (c) registering for at least 2 credits (but no more than 4 credits) of independent study projects (course number IDS 2990), (d) designing and conducting their own research and/or creative project with their faculty mentor, and (e)  presenting the material at the annual MU CRC Symposium.

During the process of the Fellowship candidacy, students will create and continually update a URC Fellow Candidate portfolio. This portfolio will be comprised of the student’s reflection essays, independent study projects progress, as well as a comprehensive list of research and creative project events the student has attended. This portfolio will remain in the Candidate’s possession over the course of the semester, but the student will submit it for review at the end of each academic semester. The portfolio will be filed in the office of the Director of the CRC.

At the completion of the Candidate’s second semester of his or her junior year, he or she can apply to become a URC Fellow. The Candidate’s application will be comprised of an updated and completed portfolio, as well as a completed Fellow Application that will focus on the plans that the Candidate has to complete the URC Fellowship.

Once accepted as a URC Fellow, the student will complete the following: (a) update his or her portfolio, reflecting on and explaining all events in which he or she participates or attends, (b) complete 4-6 credits (but no more than 8 credits) of a Fellow-specific 4990 Independent Study course (IDS 4990) in their desired discipline, and (c) present at the MU Symposium and at least one off campus forum.

To graduate as a URC Fellow, students must apply for the Certificate of Completion during the final semester of their senior year. This application must be filed with the MU Journey office at least two months prior to the Fellow’s expected graduation date. The Certificate will be dependent upon satisfactory completion of the portfolio, as well as all requirements of the URC Fellow’s program.

Faculty/Staff Nomination Form

Click here to open the online nomination form.

Check Sheets

Click the links for the check sheets that show the requirements students must complete for each portion (Candidate and Fellow) of the URC Fellowship Program.

Creation of your Portfolio

The Fellow’s Candidate and Fellow’s portfolios will consist of items (e.g., event programs) along with reflection essays about the attended event. Information regarding the content and format of the reflection essays will be provided upon acceptance into the Fellow’s Candidate program. These essays will be tailored to guide the student during their maturation as a URC Fellow.

In addition to these essays, students will also be required to meet with his or her faculty mentor to discuss what the student’s short term (i.e., time spent at MU) and long term (i.e., post undergraduate) goals are. These goals will also be included within the portfolio and assessed over the course of the Fellow’s process. Finally, abstracts, summaries and/or copies of the student’s project(s) will be included within the portfolio.