This form constitutes an agreement between the client and the Writing and Tutoring Center staff regarding the services provided by the Writing and Tutoring Center. To use our services at WCONLINE, clients must agree to these terms. Please read them carefully.

  1. A primary goal of the Writing and Tutoring Center is to offer Methodist University members an environment in which they can receive feedback on, and support for, all their writing projects as well as receive help in a variety of different subjects they encounter throughout their academic endeavors.
  2. Writing and Tutoring Center writing consultants are trained to guide writers through the writing process and to help them plan, organize, revise, and correct their own work. Writing consultants do not write or edit papers for students.
  3. Writing and Tutoring Center tutors are able to help students with assignments and to further understand the content of the class the student is receiving help for. Tutors are able to help students in specific classes that they have been approved to tutor in.
  4. Writing consultants and tutors do not discuss or speculate in any way about the grades students might receive on assignments.
  5. Writing consultants and tutors do not discuss instructors or the grading policies of instructors.
  6. Students are expected to abide by the Methodist University Honor Code, which prohibits cheating (including plagiarism), theft, and academic misrepresentation.
  7. Writing and tutoring consultations are conducted either in-person (Face-to-Face) or remote (Online or eTutoring). Clients can schedule appointments in WCONLINE. Walk-ins are accepted based on writing consultant and tutor availability.
  8. Appointments are set in 60-minute increments. Clients may schedule a maximum of two (2) 60-minute consultations per day and a maximum of five (5) 60-minute consultations per week. Exceptions may be granted on a case-by-case basis. Please reach out to the Writing and Tutoring Center director.
  9. For each consultation, the consultant or tutor will complete a “Client Report Form” and provide it to the client. If the client is a student, this report is also sent to their instructor unless requested not to.
  10. Consultations begin on the hour and last up to 45 minutes. If, by five (5) minutes after the hour, a client is not present for an in-person consultation, does not join a scheduled Online consultation, or does not upload a draft for an eTutoring (written) consultation, the appointment will be canceled, and the client will be marked as a “No-Show.”
  11. Cancellation Policy: Clients may cancel an appointment with no penalty provided the cancellation happens before one (1) hour prior to the consultation. Appointment cancellations affect other clients’ ability to schedule an appointment and utilize the Writing and Tutoring Center’s services, so cancellations that occur less than one (1) hour prior to the scheduled time and/or no-shows will result in a penalty.
  12. No-Show Policy: If a client finds themselves in a situation where they may be more than five (5) minutes late for an appointment, they should contact the Writing and Tutoring Center (910.480.8451) or their consultant or tutor to let them know. If a client neither shows up nor contacts a consultant or tutor, they will be marked as a no-show.
  13. If, on more than two (2) occasions during a semester, a student violates either the Cancellation or the No-Show Policy, the student’s account will be deactivated, and future appointments will be canceled. The student can contact the Writing and Tutoring Center’s director to discuss the situation and have their account reactivated at the director’s discretion. Future appointments which have been canceled due to violating this policy will need to be rescheduled by the student utilizing appointment availability at the time of account reactivation.

Once you have read the Writing and Tutoring Center Client Consultation Agreement, you can register for a WCONLINE account.