It is the student’s responsibility to notify their professor three business days in advance they want to use their testing accommodation and schedule their exam with SAAS.  Exams must be scheduled three business days in advance.  Testing times are subject to availability and staffing.  Testing outside of the classroom or department is warranted only if circumstances prevent the instructor from making localized arrangements or if the student needs assistive technology. Failure to schedule an exam in advance may result in SAAS being unable to accommodate the requested time and date for the exam. If the student is caught cheating, a screenshot will be captured, and instructor notified. Cheating is a violation of the HONOR CODE!

Student will email SAAS office at to request scheduling an exam.  The email must include:

  1. Course name/number
  2. Professor’s name
  3. Allotted time for class to take the exam.
  4. Date and start time for the exam.

Testing times are Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. until 4:45 p.m. The exam will need to be completed no later than 4:45 p.m. Students will need to arrive 15 minutes prior to the scheduled exam to check in with SAAS.

Students who are late for their scheduled test time may not be able to take their exam. The student has the following options.

  1. Take the exam with the remaining time allotted.
  2. Reschedule their exam. The instructor’s approval is needed.

Any questions or concerns, email