Step 1

Register with MU’s Student Access & Accommodation Services by completing the online Student Information Form.

Step 2

Submit documentation of the disability. Documentation can be submitted to our office via email to We can accept a dated letter from a professional, a copy of evaluation, or a copy of the 504/IEP (if you had one) that states the diagnosis.

The following information is required on your documentation:

  • First and Last name and date of birth.
  • A diagnostic statement identifying the disability or condition.
  • The licensed professional’s signature.

Documentation for Temporary Accommodations due to injury, surgery, or short-term medical issue needs to include limitations and time frame of recovery.

Should you not have any documentation, please email our office to schedule an appointment to discuss options.

Active Duty/Veterans, contact our office at to schedule a time to discuss where your documentation can come from.

Step 3

After we receive and review the documentation, the student will receive an email on how to schedule an intake appointment to discuss accommodations and resources available at MU.  The appointment takes approximately 30 minutes and is usually done over the phone for the student’s convenience.

For students beginning in the Fall Semester in need of academic accommodations, we will schedule an intake appointment the summer before the Fall semester begins. This is when we will discuss how your diagnosis affects you personally, what things you may struggle with, determine all reasonable accommodations that you are eligible for and let you know how those accommodations will work at the university level. The intake appointments are done over the phone or virtually via Zoom. You will receive an email from our office in May with instructions on how to schedule your intake appointment if we have received your documentation.

Accommodations start the day the accommodation letter goes out to the professor and are not retro-active.

Registering and having accommodation before the first semester begins will provide the best opportunity for success.