Temporary accommodations are those needed for short-term situations such as a broken limb, surgery, temporary medical treatment, or a concussion, just to name a few.

Registering for Temporary Accommodations

It is a three-step process to register for Temporary Accommodations:

The first step is to register with MU’s Student Access & Accommodation Services by completing the online Student Information Form.

The second step is to submit documentation. Documentation can be submitted to our office via email to saas@methodist.edu. We can accept a dated letter from the professional that is treating you. 

The following information is required on your documentation:

  • Your first and last name, and your date of birth.
  • Documentation must state the diagnosis, limitations, and treatment/recovery time. 
  • The licensed professional’s signature.

SAAS does not need a list of your medications.

The third step, after we receive and review the documentation, is for the student to set up an intake meeting to discuss temporary accommodations.

The Intake Meeting

This is when we will discuss how your diagnosis affects you personally, what things you may struggle with, determine all reasonable accommodations that you are eligible for. These intake appointments are done over the phone or virtually via Zoom for your convenience. Should you prefer a face-to-face, we can schedule that as well.

An end date for temporary accommodations will be agreed upon during the intake meeting, determined by your documentation. Students must communicate with SAAS to arrange an extension if the condition persists. Additional documentation may be required.